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Internet Technologies
Found 17 result(s).
ID Company Name Job Description
I199 VenusTek Systems Inc. Requirements for ASP, VB Script, Java script, HTML, DHTML, COM/DOM, MTS, MS Visual Interdev 6.0, Front page extension 2000.
I166 BINOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Requirements for Java / EJB / Weblogic Programmers
I156 Independent Recruiter Requirements includes Java , Javabeans, EJB, JDBC, RMI, Corba, VJ++, ASP, Java script, VB script, VC++, VB6, IIS, MTS, COM, DCOM, XML, DHTML Broadvision, Cold fusion and Web Logic.
I151 Future Information Systems Requirements for E-Commerce project HTML, XML/XSL/CSS, Sun Technologies(Enterprise Java Beans, Java Beans, JSP, Servlets, Applets, JEEE, RMI), Microsoft Technologies(ASP, Visual Interdev, IIS, MSMQ, MQSeries)
I148 Independent Recruiter Requirements for JAVA Programmers.
I144 Continental Automation Systems (P) Ltd. Requirements for Java and Web application developers.
I142 Independent Recruiter Requirements for JAVA.
I134 Satyam Computer Services Ltd Requirements includes Java (JSPs, servlets, applets, EJBs) Web servers (Netscape Enterprise Server) and Application servers (BEA WebLogic) XML, Database development (oracle), (D)HTML, ASP, Javascript
I124 Artikel Imp Co. Ltd. Requirements for Java / Java Script / VB script, ASP/Active X, SQL Server Developer SQL DBA, frontpage, photoshop, corel etc for Web project.
I120 Microsystems Technologies LLC Requirements for HTML, Javascript, Adobe PhotoShop.
I119 Adi Media Srl Requirements for Macromedia Director and lingo programming.
I115 Adi Media Srl Requirements for html, asp, javascript
I112 Bridge Software Solutions Requirements for Web Development- Java Servlet, JSP, EJB, UNIX, VisualAge1
I107 Independent Recruiter Requirements for HTML, JAVA, Graphic Designers, Database Managegment, Web Server Manager
I106 Glotech Solutions Pvt.Ltd Java Professionals
I103 Requirements includes C++, CORBA, COM(DCOM+), Active Server Pages
I99 Human Capital RAS Infotech LTD Requirements in Java, CORBA, RMI, Cold Fusion E-Commerce and other Internet related technologies

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