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Dhanashri Bal.

EDUCATION : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the Pune University, India

WORK EXPERIENCE : 3 years in software consultancy


Operating Systems: DOS, UNIX, LINUX,WINDOWS 95, WINDOWS NT 4.0

Database Management Systems: ORACLE 7.3, 8.0 , DB2, Sybase

Programming Languages: C, C++, LISP, ASSEMBLY 8085,8086,AWK And SHELL Scripts, PERL, SNAP


Misc: LEX and YACC. Unix - Inter Process Communication


* Design, Development, Code and document reviews.
* Test Planning and testing.
* Product support.
* Client interaction to gather requirements, training etc.
* Software Configuration Management using RCS/SCCS on Unix/Unixware.
* Sybase DBA


DBSync -
Client - QWest, Denver, USA

Qwest is company that provides telecom service to 14 states in USA.
Qwest has a collection of legacy databases across which information to support
U S West ( Qwest ) business operations is maintained.

Database Synchronizer (DBSync) is a complex software application that synchronizes
data elements in these Qwest legacy databases.

The DBSync Application is produced and maintained by a DBSync system development
group, for a client who owns and runs the application.
The input that comes from clients to DBSync Development team includes -
requests for product enhancements, problem fixes and new requirements.
Using this information, the DBSync developers upgrade the application.

Dhanashri was working as a team member in the DBSync Development team and
her responsibilities included:

* Providing client support for the current application
* Client interaction for gathering requests for enhancements and problem fixes
* Design, development, test activities for product enhancements.
* Technical documentation - Design documents, test plans, product manual
updates etc.
* Software configuration management
* Sybase DBA activities
* Release Management for enhancement releases.

Skills Developed:
* Client Interaction.
* Sybase Database Administration.
* Object Oriented Programming and Artificial Intelligence -
Programming in SNAP language(Proprietary language by Template Software).
This is an object-oriented language and provides artificial intelligence
capability. SNAP is mainly used for developing inference engines.

Self Development activities:

* Software Configuration Management on Unix - using RCS and SCCS.
* Sybase DBA activities.
* Advance Unix system programming - IPC, job scheduling etc.



BioWare is a Unisys software product for processing National-ID solutions.
Bioware workstation is the front-end for the BIOWARE Application.
This objective of this project was -
* To review the Bioware Workstation code.
* Prepare engineering documents for the Workstation code.

Activities Included :
* Review of the Bio-ware Workstation code.
* Preparation of design document and pseudo-code for the Workstation code.

BIOWARE HOST 3.2.1 FOR GMPC (INITIAL GAPS) (Nov.99 - Jan.2000)

GMPC (Government Multi-Purpose Card solution project) in Malaysia needed
a back-office software component (called "GSCB Host") was to support the overall
requirements of the GMPC project.
BioWare Host 3.2.1 (A software product from Unisys, for processing National-ID
solutions) formed the base for the GSCB Host and it was customized for GMPC.
The major changes required were:
* The BioWare Host 3.2.1 from Unisys uses its own FIS( finger print identification
system) GMPC Host must be able to interface with any external third party FIS.
* The image data captured should also be stored in database Image data types
(instead of bitmap files in specific directories)
* Add facilities to block and unblock identification access to specified ID cards
and individuals.
* Develope re-usable components to access input devices connected to workstations

In this project existing BioWare Host code was modified to cover the above requirements.

Activities Included :
* Involved in change impact analysis of the Bioware Host Services, preparation of CIA documents and CIA reviews.
* Design and coding for modified Bioware Host Services
* Involved in design and coding of the FIS Interface - Reply Daemon. This is a new module added in the system. Since the Bioware host for GMPC has to able communicate with any external FIS, two modules were added to the system, FIS Interface - Sender Daemon and FIS Interface - Reply Daemon.
* Software Configuration Management, using SCCS.
* Involved in unit and integration testing of the host services.

(FEB.99 - OCT.99)

ES CUSTOMERview is a three-tier open client-server Customer Information System
(CIS) and is used as a single-point front-end for any type of financial or
service based institution.

In the original project, platforms supported for the Server are Unisys UNIX
(Oracle, BEA Tuxedo), Tandem NSK (Non-Stop SQL, Non-Stop Tuxedo), and Sun Solaris
(Oracle, BEA Tuxedo). The front-ends existed on various platforms including
Windows (3.1, NT and 95) and UNIX.

The project aim was to port the system to the IBM Mainframe environment.
The role of the transaction-processing monitor will be taken up by CICS and
the RDBMS will be DB2.

The work included -
1. Conversion of the Pro-C code present at the server end to make it compliant
with CICS -DB2.
2. Conversion of the Visual Basic front end to make it compatible with
CICS External Call Interface (ECI) API.
The CICS client that forms the interface between the VB GUI and the
Transaction Manager will be independent of how the user interface is

I was a member of the team involved in conversion of the Pro-C code.
I also developed an AWK Tool, which reads in the transaction specification
file and generates VB 5.0 .frm and .bas files for the transaction.

Activities included:
* Design and development of AWK tool for porting Pro-C code.
* Preparation of Design Documents, Test Plans.
* Code Review and Internal testing of various modules of the conversion tool
* Design, Development and testing of AWK tool to generate VB 5.0 code.
* Involved in system testing.

A SGA( Small Group Activity ) AT TATA INFOTECH LIMITED, PUNE, INDIA (Jan. 1999)

This is a tool to find mapping between logical file names used in COBOL code
and physical file names used in JCLs.
This tool was used during the Y2K impact assessment.

Activities included:
* Design of the tool
* Development of COBOL Scan Module - C code, for scanning COBOL programs
to find logical file names used in it.
* Defining LEX/YACC rules for finding physical file names in JCL code.

TRAINING UNDERGONE: A comprehensive training in Language Processing
and Compiler Construction at Computer Science Department, Pune University


Workbench for Object-Relational Databases -
During Bachelor of Engineering course (1998)
Brief description of project -
The project is in PowerBuilder 4.0 and C.
It has a set of tools that can be used in the design of Object-Relational databases.
The tools are:
* Object Model diagrammer - For drawing class hierarchy diagrams.
* C++ Class Editor - GUI tool for coding C++ classes.
* Object to Relational Mapper - Defines relational database tables from Object model diagrams.
* SQL Query Painter - GUI for Database Access.
* SQL Parser - For checking syntax of a dynamically entered SQL queries.
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