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Date Of Birth 18-11-1974

Nationality Indian

Educational Qualification
Year Institute /College Degree Year Of Passing
1991 The Assembly Of God Church School, Calcutta ICSE 1991
1993 --do-- ISC 1993
1998 BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore B.E. (Telecommunications) 1994 - 1998

Programming Languages
C, C++, Visual C++, UNIX, FORTRAN.
Operating Systems
UNIX SCO, SUN (v6.0)
WINDOWS Windows 2000, Windows NT(v4.0)

Lotus Notes (v 4.61), SQL (v6.5)


Period Organization Designation Job Profile

Feb 99 to Till Date
Associates & TCG
Software (P) Ltd.
Engineer Development of Unicenter TNG agents for external client.
Development of a wizard for a DAT file used in Unicenter TNG agent development.
Testing of Software Products and development of basic test tools.


(1) Development of Unicenter Agents :

The worldwide leader in Enterprise Management, Unicenter TNG2.2, relies a lot on its Manager/Agent architecture for monitoring and managing IT and non-IT resources. Six such agents were developed for an external client of CATS by a team of three under the project leader. The agents were used to monitor the health of the network and derive optimal benefits from the existing resources.

The agents automate different license monitoring and health check functions of the network. Formerly, the license monitoring for different applications is being done manually. The system administrator had to check the log files of the applications to see if the needs have been met or not. Besides this, he also has to periodically check the health of the different servers and whether they are being optimally used or not. The entire process can be automated and monitored in a much better way with the use of intelligent agents. With agents, the system administrator can also ensure optimization of the license usage, based on the statistical data obtained, besides increasing the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

The scope of the project included the design and writing of the following for each of the agents :
(a) Management Information Base (MIB)
(b) Coding of agents in C language using the API 's of Unicenter TNG
(c) CNF file as a link between the agent and the Distributed State Machine (DSM)
(d) DAT file for viewing the agent from the nodeview level
(e) Abrowser file for viewing the agent in graphical form
(f) Settings of the Business Process View (BPV) for viewing the agents from the World View level.

(2) Development of wizard for DAT file :

This was an internal project, the aim for which was to develop software that would make the writing of a particular text file very convenient. The DAT file is used in Unicenter TNG for the user to visualize a particular agent at the NodeView level. There were 6 developers involved in this project.

The scope of the project included the following:
(a) Reading certain details from the Manage Information Base (MIB), another text file, and taking the required decisions.
(b) These decisions and certain values from the MIB were escalated constitute the immature DAT file.
(c) When the user runs the wizard, different questions are asked to him and the remaining decisions are taken accordingly.

In this project, the assigned task to me was to design and build the GUI. VC++ was used to do this.

(3) Testing of Software Products :

(a) MANMAN Testing
(b) ArcServeIT Testing

(a) MANMAN is an ERP package, initially belonged to the MK Group, but later taken up by CA. The scope of the development team was restricted to maintenance work and development of commands to be used. The scope of testing included

(i) Code review of the FORTRAN code
(ii) The system testing of commands
(iii) Verification with the SQL database
(iv) Development of certain test tools and automation methods

(b) ArcServeIT is a standalone option of Unicenter TNG2.2. It is also named as the Backup Option of Unicenter. The recent development, for which testing is required, was done in Islandia, USA, was primarily for Win2K modifications over WinNT.

Database agents were also tested to backup and restore databases. The particular database with which I had to work on was Lotus Notes Database. Different agents were written in Lotus Notes and mailboxes created to check for proper backup and restore operations.


1 English
2 Bengali
3 Hindi


1 Playing Table Tennis
2 Playing Chess
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