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Gupta Rajesh Motilal.

Post applied for: Software/Hardware Engineer
Pass port: Applied
Date of birth: 16TH November 1975.

Total experience: 6 months

Relevant experience: 5 months

B. SC. (TECH) in Electronic Instrumentation
Exam passed University/Institute Year ofPassing
B. SC.(TECH) Mumbai/Watumull Appeared

1999-2000 on july-2000
B. SC.(PHYSICS) Mumbai/Ruparel May-96
12th Mumbai
March-93 68%
10th Mumbai
March-91 72%

Software: 1. C & C++
2. Windows-95, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel & Ms-PowerPoint
3. 80196 & 8051 microcontrollers assembly languages.

Hardware: Can design & implement the digital as well as
Analog circuits.

Current employment: Trainee at Crompton Greaves limited.

Project Detail:

The name of project was static var compensator. This is
totally an embedded system. Whole operation & control are based on
embedded microcontroller card. The function of card was to observe
inputs continuously and produce required outputs as per the conditions.
Suppose microcontroller observe less kvar on the line of 22kv, it will
immediately calculate kvar & compensate the required kvar. If any fault
exist, it will show this fault on the display board provided on the
front panel. As fault persists for longer duration, it will immediately
shut down the system.
System consists of six thyristor switched capacitor branches.
All branches are triggered by thyristor trigger cards. These are
interconnected with microcontroller. Trigger cards remain in to off
state until controller supplies signals. Controller switches these
branches one by one depending upon kvar requirement if existing 22kv
Software written was in C language. This software compiled,
links & debugged through IAR Workbench c-compiler. Software burnt on
into EPROM and EPLD, then placed on to microcontroller card.
Employer: Working at Crompton Greaves limited as trainee for six

Project scope:This project will be benefited for those industries, which are generating electrical energy, but the problems with these industries are that while generating electrical energy with the help of induction
generators, power supply line losses its reactive power. This is
happened because induction generator draws reactive power. This loss of
reactive power may be done with other loads connected with the power
supply line such as transformer. Therefore this static var compensator
system was developed to compensate this loss of reactive power into the
power supply line.

Plate form: Jobs assigned to me were as followed,

1. Designing, Testing & troubleshooting of trigger card, microcontroller
card & interfacing both cards.
2. Making analysis of fault components & shorted ICs.
3. Writing program in c for configuring serial communication between
controller & PC.
4. Making circuit diagrams on ORCAD & RF-FLOW like software.
5. Testing of 3? & 1? transformer & documentation of test result.

Other platform worked on:

1. IAR Embedded Workbench C-compiler, linker & debugger software.
2. Embedded 8051 & 80196MD microcontrollers.
3. PCB testing & troubleshooting.
Team size: Total number of members in the team were seven including me.

Duration: The entire project was completed within one & half months.

Special achievements:
1. Presented a paper on CT scanning at National level technical
symposium & won 2nd prize.
2. Presented developed patient monitoring system as a project at
National level project competition & got participation certificates.

S. Y. B. Sc. (TECH) project orientation: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

T. Y. B. Sc. (TECH) project: Developed Patient Monitoring System.
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