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RESUME of Raghu
Date of Birth : 17-09-1973.
Passport : A 1808004


B.E. (Electronics & Communication)- 1996.
University of Madras,India.

Diploma in RDBMS- Dec'96.
SSIL Ltd, Chennai.India.

Experience Summary

Total 2.5 Years of IT Experience.
Jan'97 Onwards Probe Infotech. Chennai,India.
Career Profile.
I have been primarily involved in development using Java,
Java Servlets, JDBC, CGI(perl) for more than 2 years and Visual Basic , MS Access for 3 months.

Software Skills.

Primary Skills : Java, Javascript,Servlet(JSDK2.0)
java beans, RMI, CGI(Perl), C,ASP,VB script.

Operating Systems : Windows '95, Windows NT, Unix

Databases : MS-SQL Server6.5,MS-Access,DB2,Sybase.

Front end : Visual Basic.

Multimedia tools : Visual Basic

other Languages : Cobol,Fortran,Pascal

Other : E-commerce,Euroconversion.

Project Details

#1. Active Server Pages

Duration : July'99 Onwards.
Role : Programmer - Analyst.
Client : PCS Aqua systems.
Environment : VB Script,Html,IIS 4.0.

Responsible for layingout the concept,design and implementation of WWW
based Active Server pages for a Macanzie group of companies ASP crated
using Internet Information Server4.0, VBscript. ASPages are created
for their Registeration,Enquiry & Ordering materials. ASPages is also
with the Active x controls for input validation for Registration as
as ordering
and enquirey forms also.

#2. Java Servlet Project

Duration : Feb99 to Jun99
Role : Programmer - Analyst
Client : Precious systems
Environment : Java , Java Servlets, MS-SQL server, HTML.

This online commerce include product catalog, ordering ,
payment tracking, Shipment status.

#3.Database application using Java and JDBC

Duration : Feb '98 to Aug '98. Aug98 to Feb99
Role : Programmer - Analyst.
Client : Harshal packages and Printing.
Environment : Windows '95, Synmatec Visual Cafe,JDBC, MS -SQL

Developed system for a company manufacturing corrugated boxes
and packages.This system contains three modules namely
Accounting module,Payroll module and Production module.

#4. Database application using Java and JDBC.

Duration : Dec '97 to Jun '98.
Role : Programmer - Analyst.
Client : V.N. Finance
Environment : Windows '95, Synmatec Visual Cafe,JDBC, MS
Access ,Java.

This system was developed for a medium size finance company.The
system features the implementation of Finacial logic and Accounting.

#5.Dynamic Websites.

Duration : Jun'97 to Nov'97
Role : Programmer.
Environment : Html, Frontpage, Java, Javascript, CGI(perl),
Adobe Photoshop, IIS.

Designed and Developed Dynamic websites for various
organisations.Some of the features of the site include aesthetic look
and feel for surfers, images and animation using graphics packages,
chatting using java, implentation of counter , form mail ,
guest list using perl as CGI.

#6.Accounting System.

Duration : Jan'97 to Mar'97
Role : Programmer.
Client : Tamilnadu Agro Service Centre.
Environment : Windows '95,Visual Basic, MS - Access.

This is a Data processing system for a trading company
involved in Fertilizer products.This system does
complete accounting, Inventry of trading and is much user friendly .

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