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Two years experience in Analysis, Design, Development, and Testing of Client Server Systems. Well-versed in application development, especially in Internet and E-commerce related areas. Possess interpersonal and communication skills, and high level of enthusiasm and motivation towards work.
Extensive skills in writing programs in Java, JSP, Servlets and JavaScript for Web programming using Oracle 8.0 as its database.
Master Degree in Computer Applications from Bharatiar University Coimbatore securing first class with 67% of marks.

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics major at St. Xaviers college for women, Alwaye (MG University). Securing first class with 71% marks.
Training :
Training in Oracle 7.3 with Developer 2000.
Software Technology Group International Ltd., India.

raining in Java and Web Programming.
PSG Tech. Peelamedu, Coimbatore.India.

Technical Skills:

System Tools: C, C++, Java
Java Applications: JSP , Servlets, Swing, RMI, JDBC, Applets. Databases: Oracle 8.0 Graphics Tools: Adobe PhotoShop 5.0, Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver Web Servers: Apache Web Server , pws + JRun. Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows95, Unix.
Technical Knowledge:
 Experience in Web Database Applications using Java, Java Servlets, Swing and JSP.
 Practical experience in Designing and Developing Client Server Applications using oracle forms3.0
 Experience in Website Design and Creation
Professional Work Experience
 Jan 2000 - Till Date Software Engineer
Sindu valley softwares india LTD , Aluva, India
 June 98 - December 99: Contract Engineer
Hindustan Aeronautics LTD, Bangalore
Projects Portal for Home Pages : (February 2001)
Status : In progress
Typical services offered by portal sites include:
A directory of Web sites, a facility to search for other sites, news, weather information, e-mail, and map information . Customization is done in many options. Personal home page of a person can be created very easily.
Team Size : 2
Software : JSP(Tomcat) /HTML/Javascript/Apache Web server

Medical Dictionary (September 2000 to January2001)

Medical Dictionary is a searchable dictionary helps to search for words in medical science and technology. It consists of the main options search and edit. By using the search option user is allowed to search for a word related to medical science. There is a Bookmark which keeps track of the words the user is searching for. At the end of the search operation the user can view all the words which they went through. The second option Edit allows only the authorized users to edit the category or item details. This dictionary is very useful for a medical tracnscriptionist. It can be attached with a medical transcription software. Team Size : 2
Software : JSP(Tomcat) /Oracle/HTML/Javascript/Apache Web server

Knowledge Base (January 2000 to March 2000)

Description :

Knowledge Base is a software developed for an intranet application . This contains the website addresses in the alphabetical order. If the user wants to browse through a particular site
He can select the site from the given list and browse online The advantage of this system is user does not have to bother the addresses of the site.
Team Size : 2
Software : Java /Swing/Oracle
.Interactive Exchange System (April 2000 to August 2000)


Its an interactive Internet based Courier System which gives up-to-date status on the parcel or document which is on the way from source to destination. It consists of 2 parts, Data manipulation part and Status Information side. The Data manipulation side collects the data from clients and stores in the server. The user has only access to the Status Information side, by which they can know the status of their property.

Team Size : 4
Software : Java/Servlets/Oracle/JavaScript/HTML

Web site design (August 2000)

Description: Developed a home site
Team Size : 3
Software : HTML/JavaScript
Payroll System. (September1999 to December 1999)


As a member of a 2-member team, involved in database design, user interface design and coding of product Payroll System
The system keeps tracks of Employees attendance, allowances & deductions of employee & incentives etc.

Generates different reports and statements for the top management.Team Size : 2
Software : Oracle 7.0 SQL * Forms 3.0
Logistics Management System (July 1998 to August 1999)

This system deals with product information and processing, order processing, integrated material management(IMM) . Integrated material management is the main module in this project. It deals with 1. Material provisioning accounting and control 2. Purchase order progression system 3. Stores accounting.

Team Size : 3
Software : Oracle 7.0 SQL * Forms 3.0

Computerization of stores functions. (January 1998 to April 1998)

Description:This project is a part of Integrated material management that co-ordinates store activities of different departments of HAL. Since this is developed in RDBMS it gives accurate timely and well formatted reports.
Goods inwards and holding goods are the main modules in this project.
Team Size : 2
Software : Oracle 7.0 SQL * Forms 3.0
Personal Details

Date of Birth : 26.05.1967
Sex : Female
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian.
Passport No : A 6550191

Refereence will be produced on request.

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