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Objective : To work with a project oriented progressive organization
looking for conceptual, analytical, dynamic and ambitious professional in
the areas of E-Commerce and Web development.
Work Experience Summary: Around three years of experience in developing
applications in Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 with Oracle/SQL Server/MS Access.
Developed E-commerce application in ASP.Sound knowledge in VB Script,Java
Script and also IIS, MTS and ActiveX.
One and half years in Engineering maintenance.
Educational Qualification:
? Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from REGIONAL ENGINEENG
COLLEGE , Kakatiya University, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Skill Sets
OS : Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98
Languages : PL/SQL, C, HTML
RDBMS : Oracle7.3,SQL Server 6.5/7.0
DBMS : MS Access 97
GUI : Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 with ActiveX
Web Technologies : ASP,IIS,MTS,ADO,Java Script,VB Script
Web Dev.Tools : MS Front Page, MS Interdev
Reports : Crystal Reports7.0
*** Presently learning Java 2.0 and related technologies.
Certifications :
? GTFS certified - Software Test Engineer (225 hours training) from Gulf
Test Factory Services, Dubai, UAE
Work Experience :(software)
? Working as Senior Software Engineer for SATYAM COMPUTERS. HYDERABAD from
August 2000 to tilldate.
? Worked as Senior Software Engineer for GTFS LLC. Dubai / UAE of BIN ZAYED
GROUP from August 1999 to March2000.
? Worked as Software Engineer for AdvanSoft Software Development Pvt. Ltd.
at Hyderabad/India from February 1997 to July 1999
PROJECTS HANDLED (Reverse Chronological Order)

Client : Spinneys
Company : Gulf Test Factory Services,Dubai
Duration : 3 months
Team size : 3

Description : Currently Developing a dynamic website for Spinneys, a
leading chain of super markets in Dubai, and Across the Middle East.
Spinneys sells variety of products that comes in day-todays life. This
website consists of all basic functionalities incorporated including
Promotions, Suggestions, Notices, Recipes, Site Map, Flowers etc .
Refer www.spinneys.com

? Using MS Visual Interdev to develop the individual ASP pages.
? Using VB Script and Java Script for Client side and server side
? Using ADO, IIS, MTS.
Responsibilities :Study of Requirement Specifications, Data flow analysis,
Database design, development and Coding.


Client : ALBA
Platform : Windows NT
Software used : Visual Basic 6.0 with SQL Server
Duration : 4 months
Team size : 3

Description : The client of this project is one of the biggest
Aluminium manufacturing
companies.This package is for their health care center.
This package is developed with
object oriented Concepts and made database independent so that it can be
easily web enabled.This project covers all functional areas of a Health
Care Center .
Patient Module : This covers Registration, Appointments, Physical details,
Insurance details, Responsibles,case history, Allergies, Test results etc.
Doctor Module : This covers Doctors schedules, Weekly and daily
appointments, Patient allergies,Reminders about patients and
appointments.Diagnose and diet of patients.Add prescription, tests, diet,
diagnosis etc.
Bill Module : This covers Registration bill, Diagnosis bill ,Lab bill,Drug
bill receipts, Patient balance and also covers Suppliers bill.
Inventory Module: This covers all areas of inventory Item levels, Item
issue, Item add, Supplier history and payment details.

? Made the application web enabled for some modules namely online
appointments, Doctor suggestions, Information about Health Care Center etc.
? Used ADO2.0 to interact with database(SQL Server).
? Created class objects to centralise certain functions, Created Crystal
? Designed and developed ActiveX DLLs for the applications.

Responsibilities :Study of Requirement Specifications data flow analysis
database design,front end development and coding.


Client : Galadari & Siddique Trading Company,Dubai
Company: : Appware Technologies
Platform : Windows NT
Software used : Visual Basic , SQL Server 7.0
Duration : 3 months
Team size : 3

Description : Appware Technologies is a master of inventory packages
developed for various industries like Trading,Ready mix,Marine etc.This
project is developed for Galagari & Siddique Trading Company(Dubai), One of
the biggest Engineering trading companies in Dubai.
This project deals with Material Requisition,Quotation,Quotation
Approval,Purchase Order,Delivery Order,Stock Details etc.
Responsibilities :Customisation of the project,Report generation and
implementation of the project.


Client : Vijay Electrical Ltd.
Platform : Windows NT
Software used : Visual Basic , Oracle
Duration : 7 months
Team size : 2

Description : Vijay electricals is a 100% export oriented unit of
transformers and deals with highly technically equipped machinery. This
project deals with the machine shop estimation of any engineering company
which produces medium/small size machine components.
Material Cost Analysis: An assembly drawing envisages the total view of the
components and their details. Project identifies the standard material
available in the market and their dimensions with properties which gives the
details of material cost.
Process Cost Analysis: Involves the cost analysis that emphasizes the
various processes involvement and optimizes routing.
Overhead expenses: Finally it involves the overhead expenses incurred for
the machining.

? Used RDO to interact with database Oracle.
? Created class objects to centralise certain functions.
? Designed and developed ActiveX DLLs for the applications.
? Created Crystal Reports.

Responsibilities :Study of Requirement Specifications data flow analysis
database design, development and coding.

Client : In house
Platform : Windows NT 4.0
Software used : Visual Basic and SQL Server.
Duration : 4 Months
Team size : 2

Description : The objective of this project is to
interact with all the employees and log their 'Technical Problems' and get
the solutions in an organized way from the experts of that particular field.
This application could be used either internally or externally. Others
features like tracking problems, Querying and generate reports are the high
lights of this project.

? Used RDO to interact with database SQL Server.
? Created class objects to centralise certain functions.
? Designed and developed ActiveX DLLs for the applications.

Responsibilities : Study of Requirement Specifications, data flow analysis,
database design, and coding.

Client : In-house
Platform : Windows 95
Software used : Visual Basic, Oracle
Duration : 4 months
Team size : 3

Description : It is an intuitive querying pack that gives the information
system called HIT, where the person can get detailed information regarding
anything in Hyderabad including Train services, Bus services, Flight
services, Hotel services, hospital services, Shop information, tourism
information, different firms providing different services etc. This project
also attempts to summarize and synthesize vast amount of information
regarding individuals provided they must be registered in HIT.

? Used RDO to interact with database Oracle.
? Created class objects to centralise certain functions.
? Designed and developed ActiveX DLLs for the applications.
? Created Crysal Reports.

Responsibilities : Requirement analysis,database design forms design and


Client : Creative Commercials
Platform : Windows 95
Software used : Visual Basic, MS Access
Duration : 5 months
Team size : 2

Description : This system was developed for a major film producing company.
This project consists of two modules. The main function of the first module
is automatic arrangement of various scenes and shooting dates based on call
sheets given by the artists. This system provides various schedules for
outdoor shootings, indoor shootings and also maintains details of various
movies, scenes, shooting span, artists' information, location and call sheet
dates.The second module consists of financial details like day-to-day
expenditure, total expenditure incurred till date and expected budget for
particular movie etc.

? Used DAO to interact with database MS Access.
? Created class objects to centralise certain functions

Responsibilities :Gathering and validating Customer's product Requirements
and coding.

Work Experience :(Engineering Maintenance)
Worked as OFFICER-ENGG in maintenance department for Dr.REDDY'S
LABORATORIES pioneers in Pharmaceuticals and Bulk drug manufacturing from
May 1995 to Jan 1997.
Validation of plant equipment including pharmaceutical and
electrical.Planning and implementation of Maintenance schedules of yearly,
half yearly, monthly, weekly and daily as per their usage and criticality of
the equipment.

Date of Birth : 15 -05-1971
Nationality : INDIAN
Marital Status : SINGLE
Passport No : A3102700
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