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Graduate in engineering (in Comp. Science) with approx. 2.5 years of software analysis, design and development experienceHaving a valid Visa for US
Worked in the development of Client-Server, Three-Tier-applications.
Skilled in client server, Internet, Intranet, Visual Interfaces and Databases.
Well versed with Java Server Pages, Java Servlets, WML, WMLS, JavaScript, HTML, Java Web Server, Tomcat server, JDBC, RMI, Swings, Applets, Socket Programming, Oracle, MS Access, D2K.
Received Training on IBM VisualAge 3.01, IBM WebSphere 5.0 from IBM Global.
Received Training on Lotus Notes in Bharti Telesoft from Softcell Pvt. Ltd. (Bombay).
Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Technical skills:

Java 1.2, C, C++
Server side technologies like JSP, Java Servlets and Java Beans
Relational Databases Oracle 8.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, DB2, and MS-Access.
WAP computing using Tomcat Web Server, Nokia WAP Server 1.1, Nokia AP toolkit, WML and WMLScript
Database connectivity using JDBC, ODBC.
Worked on IDE’s like Developer 2000, IBM Visual Age 3.01 and Symantec Visual Cafe3.0.
DOS, UNIX, Windows NT and Windows 95/98

Java Developer on Oracle
Java Web Developer on Oracle

Working as a Software Engineer with Bharti Telesoft Limited, New Delhi since May 2000.

Project Title: Astrology B2B Portal
Client: Bharti Telesoft Limited
Language/Package Java Server Pages/Java Beans/Oracle
Duration: 5 Months
Web Server Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.1
Team Size: 4
Role Played: Software Engineer
It’s a portal which we we are developing for the client TrustforHealth
(http://www.TrustForHealth.com/). Basically there are two types of services in this project paid and unpaid services. In unpaid service user can see his past and present future illnesses after he fills his DOB and TOB details. If the user satisfies he can also opt for paid services which predict his/her future illnesses. The module basically contains two types of packaged Subscription based and Encounter based. In subscription-based package user can register himself for a complete year and accordingly he can avail the services. In Encounter based package he can pay the amount depending upon the services he want to avail.

Project Title: Mobile Stock Trading
Client: BCL
Language/Package Java Server Pages/WML/WMLScript/Oracle8.0
Duration: 4 Months
Web Server Jakarta Tomcat 3.1
WAP Server Nokia WAP Server
Team Size: 4
Role Played: Software Engineer
It’s a WAP based project. The project mainly includes the modules like user authentication, registration, Portfolio trading (Create/modify/View) Portfolio, Account Status, and Order Status. I was mainly involved in user authentication, Portfolio trading and registration.

Project Title: E-Procurement
Client: Bharti Cellular Limited
Language/Package: Java Servlets/Oracle/ HTML/ JavaScript/Java Security
Duration: 5 Months
Team Size: 6
Role Played: Software Engineer
The Project involves the automation of materials department of Bharti Cellular Limited based on the policies of the company regarding its material department. All the queries generated for procurement of materials by end user or sub departments is automated. It’s a web-based application so Java Servlets was used for server side application, Java Security for authorization and Oracle 8 for data storage.

Project Title: DigitaltradeB2B
Client: Software Technology Group Intl. Ltd.
Language/Package: Java Servlets/Oracle/ HTML/ JavaScript
Duration: 5 Months
Team Size: 5
Role Played: Programmer Analyst
The Project involves building a virtual market place for buyers and sellers to transact business. The Portal covers the entire business process for the order management function and includes order booking, order approval, delivery
Order, delivery challan and invoices. It also covers the delivery of goods through proof of delivery. The Payment gateway is also included through the portal. It covers exhaustive set of information contents and utilities like Email, Chatting, and Bulletin Board.

Project Title: Online Examination Module
Client: Software Technology Group Intl. Ltd.
Language/Package: Java 1.2/Oracle/Applet/Swing/Java Servlets.
Duration: 3 Months
Team Size: 5
Role Played: Programmer
The Project contains two modules Admin and User module. Admin module provides options for creating categories, subcategories and maintaining databases. User module is for the student appearing for the exam and servlet randomly creates an exam session for the user. Serialization has been used to pass data between applet and servlet.

Project Title: Library Information System.
Client: Software Technology Group Intl. Ltd.
Language/Package: Java 1.2/Oracle/Java Servlets/HTML/Java Script
Duration: 4 Months
Team Size: 4
Role Played: Programmer
This is intranet-based project. This project helps the user in the college to search the books in the library if he knows the ID or author name of the book. This project tells the actual position of the book whether it is available or not and also tells the available books and their authors, id, name, price etc. Users view this project in any browser.

Project Title: HR (Personnel) Information System
Client: Thomson Press
Language/Package: Oracle/Developer 2000
Duration: 5 Months
Team Size: 1
Role Played: Programmer
The project mainly deals with the employee's Information that is stored in the data bank. This module is basically prepared to keep all the information of the employees that we are appointed. In addition to database structures, project also uses procedures and database triggers. Suggested demoralization to certain tables is also used to improve the performances


Passport No. : A8678894

Marital Status: Bachelor

B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) Jawahar Lal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (1994-1998).

Graduation with Distinction.

Oracle 8.0 with Developer 2000 from Software Technology Group, Faridabad.
Diploma in Information System Management from Aptech Computer Education, Aurangabad.
Diploma in Java Development from Web Weavers, New Delhi

Software Development, Internet Programming

To Work in leading role in development of Software
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