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ACADEMIC : Bsc. Hons. (Physics).
TECHNICAL : 3 Years “GNIIT” Program in Software Engineering from “NIIT”.
Operating System : Dos 6.2, Windows 95/98, Windows NT.
Multiuser Operating System : Unix.
Package : Word Processor (PW), MS-Word, MS Excel, MS-Power Point, Vpp3D, FoxBase, Visual FoxPro, GIF Animator, Paint ShopPro. FrontPage 98
RDBMS (Back End) : Sybase, MS-Access 97.
Languages : C++, MFC (VC++).
Front End : Visual Basic 6.0, Active X, VB Script.
Internet Programming : Visual Java++ 1.1, Java Script, HTML.
Networking : Novell Netware (LAN).
Miscellaneous : Computer Concept, Harvard Graphics, Program Logic and Technique, Telecommunication, Relational database Design (RDD), WIN32 API, Internet Explorer (TCP/IP), Windows Architecture (WOSSA).

1. Still Working as a “Project Assistant” in Establishment Section - 1 of National Metallurgical Laboratory .

2. Worked as a “Trainee” in Computer Application Division of National Metallrugical Laboratory (NML - CSIR) from 4th October 1999 to 3rd October, 2000.under the guidance of Mr. Byomkesh Dash (Scientist B, NML, Jamshedpur). The Nature of my job was to develop the Software for the various divisions of NML. During these time I have developed two projects One for NML CAP Div. and Another for NML Medical Div. using Visual Basic 6.0 and Ms-Access 97 and Also developed a web page for the Computer Application Division of NML for the contest of Web Development Competition of all divisions of NML. Also I have developed a Web-Page for “Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial Tournament (SSBMT99), Indoor Finals” for NML that was held on 1st to 3rd Dec 1999 in Jamshedpur using Internet Explorer, Front page express and HTML. The Address of the web page is http://mypage.goplay.com/ssbmt99/.

3. Worked as a "Software development Trainee" in Twinstar Software Exports Limited , IndiraNagar, Bangalore And Successfully Completed the Project “Automation Of Gas agency” in Visual Basic 5.0 and Ms-Aceess 97.

4. Worked as a "Lab Instructor " in Rashtriya Computer Saksharta Mission (MCC), Jamshedpur.

5. Developed a Software “Hotel Management System” for Kalimati Club, Burmamines, Jamshedpur using Visual Basic 6.0 and Ms-Access 97.


Title : Student Administration.
Front End : Visual Basic 5.0.
Back End : MS-Access 97.
Site : NIIT Centre, Bangalore.
Details :
The Institute of Computer technology is popular for conducting computer courses in the latest Information technology in related areas. Using this project a computer institute maintain his records. This Project has four modules-(1) Student master -it maintains the records of Student who came for the New registration, it also maintain that the Student has taken which course. (2) Batch Master- It maintains the record of running batches and also when it will End. (3) Student Performance- It maintain the record of Student performance in exams. (4)Student Batch Details-it maintains the record that Still Now the Student is in which batch. It also maintains the records of those Student who is doing the Two batches simultaneously. At last it generates report of Student Performance in Different Batches, and also generate a report of All Student Performance in the same batch.

Title : Automation of Gas Agency.
Front End : Visual Basic 5.0.
Back End : MS-Access 97.
Site : Twinstar Software Exports Limited, Bangalore.
Details :
The Project takes Care of Customer maintenance, Stock monitoring, Daily transaction Printing Bills, Generating Complex Report. In transaction Block at the Time of Booking Cylinder this block has to check there should be minimum of 21 days since the last bought the Cylinder. If Stock is available & if the No. of Cylinder released on that day does not exceed 50 then the Flag should be B (Booked). If there is no stock or No. of Cylinder Booked exceed 50 then it should be set to N (Not Booked). it should be made Y only after printing Bills. If releasing flag is Y then remark should be confirm otherwise it should be Waiting List. At last staff has to take the printing of Bill for Issued Cylinder, daily transaction report, Weekly transaction report & Monthly transaction Report.

Title : Interaction between User and Internet Server to know Internet connectivity .
Front End : Visual Basic 6.0 (Using Winsock Control 6.0).
Site : National Metallrugical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.
Client : CAP Div. of NML.
Details :
In this Project there are two programs One is Server program and another is Client program. Server program is loaded into Internet Server and Client program is loaded into All the clients connected with that Server. At first Server program sends a message to the ISP (Internet server provider), if Internet Server will be opened (means Internet is available) then Server program receives the same message from ISP and at the same time it sends the message to All the clients attached with the Server. The Clients program receives the same messages and using this messages it displays the coloured icons in the System tray of the Client PC. If internet is available it displays the icon colour as Green, if internet not available, the icon colour will be changed as red and if there will be no connection between the client and the Server then the colour of the icon will changed as Black. This process will be repeated with in 30 seconds. Using Displayed icons the client will know that the Internet is available or not.

Title : Medical Information System.
Front End : Visual Basic 6.0.
Back End : MS-Access 97.
Site : National Metallrugical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.
Client : Medical Department, NML.
Details :
In this project I have five forms :
1. Employee Details : It contains the details about the Employee who are working in the NML
2. Medicine Details : It contains the details about the medicine, Category wise with their Strength and Unit
3. Registration Details : It contains the details about the patients who came for the treatment in NML Dispensary with their ralations with the Employee
4. Received Issue Transfer details : It maintains the records of store with Received details, issue details, Transfer details and also it contains the Expiry Date of the medicine
5. Patients History Details : From this form we can enter the medicine Issue that the Doctor prescribed. It also maintains the History Record of the medicine
6. Pathology Details : The pathology test of patient is also doing in this Dispensary. This project also maintaining the details of pathology test
? Pathology Registration : When a patient will come for pathology test with samples then this project maintain the details of coming patients with the field Test for, Referred By etc..
? Result on Blood Test : After testing the samples of Blood this form maintain the report of Blood Test.
? Result on Urine Test : After testing the samples of Urine, this form maintain the report of Urine test
7. Hepatitis B Injection Program : This form maintains the Hepatitis B Injection Program Date Wise.
8. Details of Reports :
With this project we have Different types of Reports like Daily/Monthly Issue report, Daily Registration Report, Registration Report Physician wise, Medicine Expiry details before 6 months of expiry date Patients details Diagnosis basis, Report of Blood Test, Report of Urine Test etc.

Title : Web Page for Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Memorial Tournament 99.
Using : Front Page, HTML, Internet Explorer.
Site : National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur.
Details :
I developed the web page for Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatanagar memorial tournament '99 (indoor finals), which held at NML (CSIR) -Jamshedpur during 1st- 3rd October 1999. This Contains four pages –Front page contains the details about Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, how many types of Games will be played, the name of all the participating Labs etc. This page is linked with another three pages, One page contains the details of participants of all CSIR’s Labs. 2nd page contains the details of Time and Place of the Game and third page contains the details of the Results of the Game. This web page was updated every time when when the Results of Tournament came. The site address is http://mypage.goplay.com/ssbmt99/

Title : Hotel Management System.
Front End : Visual Basic 6.0.
Back End : MS-Access 97.
Site : PrakashSoft, Adityapur, Jamshedpur.
Client : Kalimati Club, Burmamines, Jamshedpur.
Details :
This Project contains the Bill Generation Form, In this Form Date should come automatically and Bill No increases automatically. If the User want to change the Bill Number, it will possible (e.g suppose at this time Bill Number gradully increases from A1, A2,A3…and user want to start the another Bill with Bill Number like B1 the it will possible), User can alter any Bill through Bill No and Table number. This Restaurant contain four categories like Soft Drink, Food, Ice Cream & Liquor then at the time of generating the Bill, the amount of all these categories should go in another column. Using this project user can give the discount in percentage as well as in Rupees. This project also contain the RoundOff facility (e.g if total amount will be Rs. 139.39 the Grand Total should be Rs.139 but if Total Amount will be Rs. 139.56 then Grand Total should be Rs. 140). Using this Project user can generate different types of Reports – (1) Cash Memo, (2) Report on Money Generation between two dates, (3) Report on Quantity sold between two dates, (4) Sale Report Bill wise between two dates, (5) Sale Report on Quantity sold Category wise, (6) Sale Report on Quantity Sold Item Wise, (7) Report on Tax between two dates.

Title : Video Library.
Front End : MFC (VC++).
Back End : MS Access 97.
Site : NIIT Centre, Jamshedpur.
Details :
Using this project the Video library maintain a record of its Customer and a rental transaction details in a database. In Library the discs are Hired out for a maximum of 3 days, after which the Penalty charges included in the Invoice. It also Stored the details of discs available in the Library. If The Customer should not return the discs by the scheduled date, the fine is paid which is Rs. 10/- per day of delay per discs. It also generate a rental transaction report.

Title : Invoicing System.
Package Used : Foxbase and Vpp 3D.
Site : NIIT Centre, Jamshedpur.
Details :
A Company who is Selling the Goods to his Customer maintain his records using this Project. This project has three module-(1) maintain the Customer details,manitain the Transaction details, (3) Create Invoice for the day And also Create a Report INVOICE.

Title : Inventory Control.
Language : C++.
Database : Sybase.
Site : NIIT Centre, Jamshepdur.
Details :
A Company which is a large departmental store maintain his records using this project. A Store has many Supplier supplying Item to it. The Store maintain his record details of all available item in database. This project also maintain the record of Supplier. Whenever Quantity on hand goes below the Re-order level then the order can be placed with the Supplier. All transaction between the Store and the supplier recorded everyday. Also the System generate an Order Form.


Date of Birth : 26th October, 1973
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Langusge Known : Hindi, English
Email : ManishKumar@goplay.com
URL : http://mypage.goplay.com/ManishKumar
Contact No : 91-0657-306370 (PP)

B.Sc,Phy(H)Ranchi University 1995 2nd Class 56%
I.Sc B.I.E.C. Patna 1991 1st Div 61%
Matric B.S.E.B. Patna 1989 1st Div 61%
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