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Namrata Srivastava

Computer Proficiency

Languages Known C , C++ , Cobol , JDK1.2.1

Packages Known Oracle 8 , Office 97 , MS-Access

Operating System DOS 6.22 , Windows98 , Windows NT

GUI Visual Basic 6.0

Web Technologies Frontpage98, HTML, ASP, JavaScript ,
ActiveX , ADO ,RDO

Work Experience/Projects Done

1) Project Cable Administrator
Client Department Of Telecommunications,Bhopal

Venue TCIL BELLSOUTH Ltd.,New Delhi
Tools Used WindowsNT , Oracle 8.0,Visual Basic
Duration June '99-till Date

Project Details Cable Administrator System
has been developed for DOT Bhopal in MS-Visual
Basic 6.0 to run under Windows 95/Windows NT using
ODBC connectivity to Oracle for data access. The
Cable Administrator caters for inventory control
and assignment of inventory of the local switching
equipment.The information about the inventory is shown
to the user via forms.It is an
interactive and affordable solution to manage the
external plant network however large it may be.

2) Project Website for MCM
URL http://www.angelfire.com/in2/mcmicse
Duration March'98 - May'99
Project Details This site gives all the
information about the MCM course of Devi Ahilaya
Vishwavidyalaya,ICSE,Indore i.e.
the course structure of it,the faculty,
the goals and objectivecs including
placements. Presently some enhancements
are taking part into it and facilities for online
registration for entrance test are being
incorporated into it.

3) Project Office Automation
Duration 6 months
Client Usha Infosys Ltd(MP),India,Indore
Platform Used Windows 95
Front End VB 6
RDBMS Oracle 7.3
Duration Nov'98-Feb'99
Project Details Usha Infosys is a private
Ltd. company having around fifty employees duly
engaged in software development . previously all the
employee record and office maintenance
was manual. The system developed takes
care of daily attendence of each employee . A
temporary table was maintained which passed each
day's attendence of all employees into a
permanent table and refreshes anew for each days
attendence . The system also took care of the
employees records from personal to financial and
matters related to there salaries. It also had
facilities to print reports using DATA

4) Project Library Management System
Client Central Library,DAVV,Indore
Platform Used Windows 98
Tools Used Visual Basic 5.0,Oralcle 7.3
Duration Jul'98-oct'98
Project Details This project dealt with the
overall management of library system.When a
student wants to issue a library book , his ID number
is feeded into the system along with the accession
number of the book with return and issue date of
the respected book. the sysytem also maintained a
table of all the books and their author number
along with their accession numbers as the primary
key. on demand by a student ,the system checke whether
that book is in the library or not. if not the
database generated the
details of the person to whom it has been issued along
with his/her personal
details . Every new day from the returned date , the
system incremented the
fine on the respective book by Re 1/-. In the end of
every year the system maintained and printed
the list of all the defaulters and their
fines along with the overall record of each and
every book.

5) PROJECT School Management System
Client Choithram School,Indore
Venue USHA INFOSYS LTD.,Indore(MP),India
Tools Used VB 5.0 , MS-Access
Duration Jan '98-June '98

Project details This project dealt with
overall management of school activities right
from admission, registration to database maintenence
and reports generation.It also kept history of
the past alumnus of the school and was
responsible for keeping the record of the teachers
along with their personal history as well.

Professional Qualification

* Master Of Computer Management (MCM) 1997-99
Institute Of Computer Science And
Electronics ( I.C.S.E ) , Devi Ahilya Vishwa
Vidyalaya , Indore-452001(MP)
Aggregate Percent 89 %

Educational Qualification

* Graduation 1994-97
B.Sc. (Statistics)
Aggregate Percent 70 %
Allahabad University,Allahabad

* Intermediate 1994
U.P. Board
Aggregate Percent 74 %

* High School 1992
U.P. Board
Aggregate Percent 73 %


* Receiver of National Scholarship throughout
* Rank Holder in MCM
* Rank Holder in Intermediate
* Rank Holder in High School

Core Competencies

* Sound knowledge of software development using
Visual Basic, C, C++,
* Exposure to the Operating systems such as Windows95,
Windows98 and
Windows NT.
* Focus on delivery, hardworking, quick learner and
adaptable to any
kind of environment and society.

Personal Details

Date of Birth 15th June 1977

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