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Atul Kumar

Specific Expertise:

Over 4 years of experience in design, development and testing of software
applications using Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual C++, COM, SQL & ActiveX
technologies like Automation. OCX Controls etc. Expertise in Object Oriented
Design, Programming and User Interface development.

Computer Systems Experience:

Hardware: Intel Pentium based systems.
O.S.: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98/95,MS-DOS
Software: Visual Basic, C, C++, and ActiveX, Windows SDK, MS-SQL 6.5, Oracle

Professional Experience:

Apr-95 - Till Date: USA Tech (A division of Aquarius Infotech) Programmer

Project I Design and development of Folio Implementation - A File Conversion
Generator used by Medical Software named RADAR.This software converts the
source documents (DOC Files) to a proprietary text database FOLIO.The
generator was used as a bridge to convert the DOC Files to FFF File format
supported by Folio.

Client Archibel, Belgium

Team Size 2

My Role Developer

Contribution Developed an Automation client in which word was used as an
OLE server
This application was developed using VBA.The application was used as a
filter to convert doc files in RTF Format to FFF Format, which is recognized
by FOLIO Software. Since these files are homeopathic documents therefore
while converting the RTF files into FFF format remedy standardization
process was also involved using Access database.

Environment Windows 95, Visual Basic.

Project II Development of ODBC Interface - A dynamic link library that will
provide an interface to use and provide basic and advanced ODBC access for
importing and exporting data from /to an ODBC server.

Client Creasoft (Belgium)

Team Size 1

My Role Developer

Contribution Developed the dynamic link library using Windows ODBC API in
VC++(Without using MFC).Implemented the basic class OFile to access an ODBC
source and the operations like creating, reading and deleting tables from
the database. The other classes implemented were OTable - which holds the
name and structure of the table and ORecord -which holds the fields of an
object in memory.

Environment Windows 95,Visual C++

Project III MSRS- (Multi Satellite Ranging System). This project involved
the development of various COM Servers which involves the services like
receiving the data from modems, Synchronization of User Schedule between
stations, Providing data path between two servers, Logging of Messages in
the system and transferring of data between systems.

Client Hitec, Luxembourg

Team Size 4

My Role Developer

Contribution Developed an out of process (EXE) server named NSS (Network and
Storage system), which takes care of all invisible processes in the MSRS
system. It provides services like Synchronization of User Schedule between
stations, Providing data path between two servers i.e. SATRE and CCS, Manage
Accepting and rejecting of User Schedules, Logging of all the messages in
the system, Managing Active and Passive state of the system
and Acknowledging of Alarms and Managing the MIMIC (Alarm Server) system.
Development involved the implementation of classes for the above
functionalities in Visual Basic.

Developed an in- process (DLL) server which provides interfaces for User
Schedule, Command FIFO to store slow commands, Pool of clients to notify
them and calculating CRC-16 Checksum.

Environment Windows NT 4.0, Visual Basic 5.0

Project IV Development of DISTRIBUY- An E-Commerce application, which
enables the client to buy a particular product on net from a catalogue and
to promote the product further to make clients on net for that catalogue.
Each client gains profit on each sale of the products below in the
structure. The maximum levels up to which the profits will be given are
different for each catalogue. The application involves the design and
development of the ASP
Pages for the site, the development of the Windows NT services and DLLs to
support and the applications.

Client Creasoft(Belgium)

Team Size 2

My Role Team Leader

Contribution Development of the Windows NT Services and DLLs
Developed the Services for generating the payments and updating the
database. The system has mailing services, which will send the mails send by
the clients for the promotion of the products on net. To avoid spamming the
service filters the mails before sending the mails to the mail recipients.
Developed the service to listen to the MSMQ messages and to Update the
Back Up database.
Using the object oriented approach the ActiveX Objects are developed which
provides some of the common functionality to the ASP pages and to the
Developed the ActiveX objects, which provides the interface to update the
database and sends messages to MSMQ. This ActiveX object is responsible for
updating the database whenever required. Also when database gets updated, at
the same time this object sends the message to MSMQ for updating the backup
Developed the ActiveX Object for logging information on the server.
Developed an ActiveX Object for returning strings from the database to the
application, which made the request.
Used tools like IP/Works, Ntsvc.ocx (control for services in VB)

Environment Windows NT 4.0, Visual Basic 6.0

Project V Mailing Client Program-This program gets the addresses from
different mailing client programs like outlook express and writes them in
the a text file. This program will be used by an E-Commerce Application
DISTRIBUY which will facilitate the clients to send the mails through the
Mailing services provided by the site.

Team Size 1

My Role Developer

Contribution Development of the Exe in C++.

Environment Windows NT, Visual C++ 6.0

Education Professional Qualification

MCSD, subject viz. 'Developing applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0'
, 'Implementing SQL 6.5',
Windows Arch I & Windows Arch II

Three years Diploma in Computers Application and Programming from ITSA.
Academic Qualification

B.Com from Delhi University
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