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M. Mani Maran

Technical Skills
Languages : C, Java 1.2.
RDBMS : Oracle 7.3.4, Oracle 8i.
GUI Tool’s : Visual Basic 5.0/6.0,
VC++ 6.0.
WEB Technologies: HTML 4.0, ASP 2.0, VBScript.
Hardware : IBM PC's and Compatibles.
Operating Systems: Windows NT, HP UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows 95.
Reporting Tools : Crystal Report 7.0.
Access Methods : ADO 2.5/2.6, DAO, ODBC.

Professional Experience

Programmer/Analyst, CITIBANK NA, London. Feb’2000 - Date

PROJECT: Prospect Database Management System (ELC PDMS Rel 3.1.1)

PDMS is the source system for data flow into the Credit System. The data reaching the Credit System is checked for De-duplication and also against Blacklist or SDN list. The aim of PDMS is to standardize information related to the acquisition of prospects. This will facilitate consolidation of prospect data in a single database and will make pre-grading possible in Credit (for Direct and List Upload).

The PDMS system runs on CitiSafe Security System and has Visual Basic Ver 6.0 GUI Front End. The data resides on Oracle 7.3.4 that runs on HP UNIX. PDMS front-end application will be installed and published on Citrix Metaframe Terminal server. PDMS clients can access the executable using Citrix Metaframe ICA client utility, which is installed on client PC. It is primarily a thin client installed on the end user with the actual application running on a Citrix Metaframe Terminal Server.
The system has been implemented in 14 countries (Hungary, Honk Kong, Czech. Poland, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Slovakia, Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Chile, India).


Involved in the full life cycle of the system including designing, coding and system testing of PDMS. Developed some of the VB front end Interface.
Involved in coding for the modules like User Profile, company details, Export to Credit.
As the application uses the Services of Citisafe for Security. Functions were written to call the Citisafe routines to get the Citisafe UserId, Oracle SID, Oracle User ID and Oracle Password in order to connect to the database in the non-interactive mode.
Created trigger for bulk deletion. Coded procedures.
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO 2.5) was used to enable the PDMS client application to access and manipulate data from a Oracle database server which is residing in HP Unix Operating system, through an OLE DB provider. Special characters were also taken care in the system. Seagate Crystal Report 7.0 was used to generate report for Label printing.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3.4, Windows NT, HP Unix –11,Visual Source Safe 6.0, ADO 2.5, SQL Server 65, Seagate Crystal Report 7.0 , Citrix Metaframe, Citisafe , Connect Direct 3.3 (NDM).

PROJECT: Prospect Database Management System (ELC PDMS Rel 3.2)

Description: The Release 3.2 is a release whereby large amounts of functionality and flexibility are provided to the ELC user community. The above PDMS 3.1.1 system was further enhanced with features like PDMS 3.2 has a two-way online interface with SALES to transfer prospects directly to SALES. PDMS shall also interact with CREDIT for Preliminary Grading (PGL) of Prospects by accessing the DSM of CREDIT.
Capturing of Financial data according to Credit’s Requirement. User Driven “Run PGL” Option.
Data Lock against Pre-Grading and Modification
FAQ’s (Most Frequently Asked Queries) incorporated in Query Builder
The de-dupe review was enhanced with feature to Replace, Enrich or Reject matched data.
User Profile provides access control to screen and Button level.
Delta Migration of CREDIT owned prospect to PDMS


Involved in the designing, coding and system testing.
Involved in the Integrated System Testing of the three systems (PDMS, SALES & CREDIT).
Construction of financial details, Show DSM Results, User Driven Run PGL, DBMS_JOBS Status and Delta Migration Screen for PDMS 3.2.
User Driven Run PGL program involves in the triggering of the CREDIT DSM procedure using DB-Link established between the PDMS and CREDIT database. It is also involved in identifying the DB - Link failures i.e. in case some break down of CREDIT database, CREDIT EOD running.
Developed the Show DSM Results that will display results generated while triggering the Run PGL for a particular prospect. Data locking was provided in the relevant screens for PGL and updating. Developed procedures on the back end.
The coding was done based on the entry of numerical data required for specific languages.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3.4, Windows NT, HP Unix –11,Visual Source Safe 6.0, ADO 2.5, SQL Server 65, Seagate Crystal Report 7.0, Citrix Metaframe, Citisafe, Connect Direct 3.3 (NDM).

Programmer, Unit Trust Of India. March’99 - Feb’00

PROJECT: UTI – Master Growth (Open Ended)

This System deals with development of Master Growth ’93 scheme, which includes mainly Repurchase Details, maintaining the Folio and Certificates Masters. The system starts with capturing the error free data for particular folio and corresponding certificates. It also covers various modules like Information on Inward and Certificate repurchases, Cheque Number generation, Cheque Issue Registers etc. Besides, it generates Fund Requisition from UTI by preparing Journal Voucher and Payment Voucher. Postages Charges per Cheque are simultaneously recorded for bulk posting as well as for objected Certificates.


Involved in the designing, coding and system testing.
Developed Inward Register, Certificates and Folio Maintainance Screens etc.
Optimised the Performance of Connectivity between the front end and back end.
Developed PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers.
Played key role in solving Y2k problem.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3.4, Windows NT.

Programmer, J.S. Hospital May’98 – March’99

PROJECT: Hospital Management

The modules covered are Front Office Management, Accommodation Entry, In/Out Patient Registrations, Lab Details nothing but the Lab tests, their rbc/wbc values, their status, condition of the patient etc. The accommodation entry contains number of wards, number of rooms in each wards, and their respective bed numbers etc. the identification numbers of all the employees are maintained separately, including the doctors information, whether they are working as full time or part time and their timings. The report about the patient condition, their lab test results has been generated according to the needs. Replenishment of the sockets are also managed.


Involved in the designing, coding and system testing.
Development of PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3.4, Windows NT.


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering – First Class.

Awards / Merits:

1. Awarded as GEM of the month for the excellent performance in December, 2000 by the CEO of Polaris Software Lab Ltd.

2. Received Clients appreciation from South Africa and Hungary during SIT/UAT held at Citibank N,A - London.

Certification Courses and Training:

Attended Corporate Training In Java & Technologies Conducted by Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
Diploma In Relational Database Management System.

Personal Details:

Name : Mani Maran. M
Martial Status : Single
Language Known : Tamil, English, German, French

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