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Summary : Strong applications Analysis, Design and Development skills.
Extensive 5 years of experience in Client - Server Technology
Application knowledge of Commercial and Engineering field using database and user interface design.

Oracle 7.x / 8.0.5
Oracle Forms 4.5
Oracle Reports 2.5
Designer 1.3 / 2.1 / 6.0 / 6.5

Education : Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication ( 1993 )

Computer Environment :

Hardware - IBM Compatible PC, DEC ALPHA
O. S. - UNIX SVR4, Windows-95, Windows-NT, Dos, Windows 3.11
Software - Oracle ( 7.x / 8.0.5 ), Developer 2000, Designer 2000 ( 1.3 / 2.1 / 6.0 / 6.5 ), HTML, ASP

Short Courses : CMM Level IV Introduction
Advanced Testing Methodologies

Configuration Management Change Control Management MaCLeans, England January 2001 Onwards

Position : Analyst / Developer
Project Scope : To make a proto of inventory flow system. This proto will be used for presentation to the client, for the future
order. This include 12 modules like, product stock, Customer Details, Production Receipts, Dispatch Details and various reports.

Contribution : Assessing the needs of the end user.
- Designing and developing the database application using Oracle 8.0.5.

- Developing the complex forms ( 12 Nos.) and reports ( 9 Nos. ) for custom tailored presentation of data.

- Conducting Application presentation to the Client

Environment : DELL OptiPlex, Oracle 8.0.5, Developer 2000
Location : Mumbai, India

LEX Vehicle Leasing, England April 2000 - October 2000

Position : Consultant
Project Scope : This system is a set of software modules, that wholely used to migrate the data from legacy VAX system.

Firstly, it dumps the data from VAX system to MS-Excel spreadsheets. Then picks up this data to populate the Oracle database.

Contribution : Develop, update and test the PL/SQL scripts. Fix the defects during integration testing. Also carried out

data structure designing.

Environment : Compaq Deskpro EN, Oracle 8.0.5, Developer 2000, PVCS, TOAD, Designer 1.3, Test Director
Location : Manchester, England.

Oracle Corporation , Reading ( UK ) Sept. 1999 - March 2000

Position : Consultant
Project Scope : Oracle Designer ( 6.5 ) is a leading CASE Tool in the market. It is required to preserve the highest quality of

the product. To assess and achieve the quality of the software, thorough testing is necessary.

Contribution : Understanding the functionality of the Designer Tools and components.
- According to that to write or update Test Cases and coverage documents.

- Performing various tests like, Installation Testing, Sanity Tests, Regression Testing, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing

- Developed Automation Default Data Generation Scripts, Datafiles and modifying Automated scripts.
- Raising technical issues and bugs follow up them by retesting.
- Publishing Test Result Files for feedback.

Environment : DELL OptiPlex GX1, Windows-NT, Oracle 8.0.5.x , Oracle Designer ( 6.5.x ) .
Location : Thames Valley Park, Reading ( UK ).

LEX Vehicle Leasing, England March 1999 - Sept 1999

Position : Analyst / Programmer
Project : Vehicle Leasing System
Project Scope : This Vehicle Rental System was a set of enterprise applications. This was built around Central Data Repository.

Origination, Invoicing, End of the Contract, Asset Details, Vehicle Admin, Accident Management, Customer Care... these were some areas of the enterprise suite. Oracle's CDM Methodology was used in the development.

Contribution : Development of Vehicle Admin, Asset Details, and Customer Care Area. Designing, generation, review of the

modules using Designer CASE Tool. Responsible for maintaining the quality standard in the area.

Environment : Dell Desktop, Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000, Designer 1.3, TOAD, QMS Head-Start
Location : Bombay, India

Lynx Financial Systems, Sheffield, England May 1998 - Feb 1999

Position : Analyst / Programmer
Project : Insurance System
Project Scope : The project involved the development of Insurance Module of Retail Banking System, used in Buildings

Societies. The objective of the system is to create and maintain the data related to the Societies, different Insurance Companies, its Branches, Associates, Surveyors and Customers. It is also keeping the details of different Policies, Named Items, Post Code Bands, Risks. Depending on the various factors like Insurance Type Parameters, Commission Rates, it calculates Society Commission, Associate Commission and Premiums. Claiming and Insurance Letters is also handled by the intelligent system.

Contribution - Designed & developed Front - End Intakes
- Developed Backend Modules to enhance functionality & Auditing of the system
- Created customised Reports
Environment : Pentium PC, Windows-95, Windows-NT, Unix SVR4, Oracle 7.x, Developer 2000
Location : Sheffield, England

NELCO, India Oct. 1995 - March 1998

Project Title : Industrial Control System ( SCADA )
Environment : DEC ALPHA, Pentium PC, Windows-95, Windows-NT, Oracle 7.x, Developer 2000
Project Scope : This was a real time control system. The system was used to control different processes of industrial plants. The

System helps in supervising the plant processes, measuring plant parameters and maintenance of the data. This data

was interactively edited, browsed and graphed. The system produces daily, weekly and monthly production reports.

This system was implemented at
Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India
Bokaro Steel Plant
Electric Receiving Stations of TEC
Bombay - Manmad Gas Pipe Line, IPCL
Contribution : Understanding the complete system as received by the client

- Carrying out initial database system design consisting of ER diagram, Normalization, table structure etc.

- Preparing screen layout based on systems specification provided.

- Developing complex screens to download and refresh the on -line status, alarms and events generated by the system.

- Tuning of SQL.
- Conducting user training.

HOLY SPIRIT Hospital Jul. 97 - Oct. 97

Position : Software Analyst - Programmer
Project : Hospital Management System
Project scope : The project involved two modules used for pharmacy inventory & patient registration. The system presents

various queries and reports like which items shelf more; when to reorder material as stock go below the reorder level; material's & supplier's information including order no., procuring lots - batches nos. Online pharmacy inventory was integrated with stores management that was keeping track of medicine and other materials flow. The system was also discernlly presenting custom tailored information as department wise & category wise OPD patients visits, doctor wise issued medicines & materials, patient against a particular medicine, employee or patient wise medicine expenditure, special treatments records, specialized & visiting doctor's dating information, every employee's duty details as per department & shifts.

Contribution - Assessing the needs of the end user.
- Designing and developing the database application using Oracle 7.3.

- Developing the complex forms ( 30 Nos.) and reports ( 55 Nos. ) for custom tailored presentation of data.

- Integration testing of the system.
Environment : DELL Dimension P200v, Windows-NT, Oracle 7.x, Developer 2000.
Location : Bombay, India.

Hotel Holiday - Inn Jan. 97 - Mar. 97

Customer :
Position : Software Analyst - Programmer
Project : Suite Management ( Re-Designing )
Project scope : The project involved the migration of prevenient database from Oracle 6.0 to Oracle 7.3 and some

modification was done on the migrated database. New GUI application was developed. The application was conspicuously delivering information regarding floor wise suite and suite wise customer. Every customer's detail data and frequently visited / special / VIP customer's data was accepting and appearing. This intelligent system was telling about room service, auditorium occupation and shift wise water.

Contribution - Enduing & shaping the GUI application with customized attributes.
- Intending the reports.
- Overall testing of the system.
Environment : Zenith - DK, Windows 3.1, Oracle 7.x, Developer 2000.
Location : Bombay, India.

PREVIOUS JOB - Was working as Project Engineer In SCADA Systems Engineering from July 1993 to October 1995.

System Engineering
: Analysis of requirements and Basic Engineering of the projects.
: Detailed Engineering of SCADA Systems including Panel Engineering.
: Generation of project related documents.

System Testing
: Low level testing and debugging of I/O modules upto component level.
: Subsystem testing of individual RTU's PC based diagnostic tools.
: System testing and integration of total SCADA System.

Project Execution, Installation and Commissioning

Erection of various subsystems at site such as ...
* IEEE 802.3 standard Computer Network ( LAN ).
* Computer network ( WAN ) using X.25 protocols.
* Communication networks of Microwave links, Baseband Fiber Optics, PSTN.
* Instrumentation, RTUs.
* Power supply systems like UPS, SCVS

Customer Support
: Maintenance of SCADA Systems at Hardware and Software functional levels.
: Interaction with customers to make them understand the system and use it effectively to increase their confidence level.

List of Projects Executed

SCADA system for Indian Railways ( Hawara section )
TEC Dharavi project
Mahanadi river water management SCADA system

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