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D.O.B.: 14th Sept. 1975

- B.Sc. (Comp. Sci.), Delhi University, 75% marks (1993-1996)
- M.C.A., Guru Nanak Dev University, 80% marks (1996-1999)

RDBMS: SQL Server 7.0, Foxpro 3.0


ENVIRONMENT: Windows NT 4.0 (Client/Server), MS DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11

INTERNET TOOLS: Visual Interdev

GUI: Visual Basic 6.0/5.0

OTHER TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES: Visual Source Safe 6.0, Crystal Report 7.0,
ActiveX, COM, DCOM, MS Office.


I have 2.5 years of experience with Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT 4.0 environment. I have worked as a Software Consultant in DCM Data system (January'99-October'99) and now working with HICS (Heartland Information and Consultancy Services) as a Software Engineer (November'99-Till date).


Six weeks training done in C-DOT (Center for development of Telematics). Training includes:
 Learning of HTML.
 Static Web page designing.
 Study of TCP/IP.
 Applet creation in Java 1.0


The project of Heartland Information Services, Inc. Toledo (HIS) consists of three phases. The entire system is built on three-layered ODBC architecture and uses OLE features. It uses Visual Basic 6.0 as front end, SQL Server 7.0 as back end, and Windows NT 4.0 as operating system.
The application has three major modules
 Transcription software (TC)
 Management software (TCM)
 Central Management System (CMS)

Transcription Grading Assistant (TGA) (May'99-June'99)

TGA is a subsystem of training version of transcription software. It compares the transcripts typed by the MT with the answer key and generates the productivity reports. The system is developed on Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL server 7.0 and uses Crystal Reports 7.0 as reporting tool. It helps the TC supervisor to calculate the productivity of various users.

My primary was to test and validate the product before it was released to the client site. I was involved in preparing the test plans and code review of various modules.

Transcription software (July'99-September'99)

First phase of the Medical transcription System (TC Management Software) monitors and manages day-to-day operations at Transcription Center (TC).

The functionality includes the following features
 Receive GSM voice file(s) from USA and supply voice and header file(s) to Transcription Workstation PC.
 Register and maintains user.
 Assign and unassign job to particular user
 Changes the priority as well as status of job.
 Deletes or marks a job inactive so that it cannot be assigned to any user.
 Generates various reports like Productivity by User ID, Productivity by job, Inactivity by User ID, and Failed login report depending on search criterion.
 Maintains system security, Access privileges.
 Purges the voice/header files based on the fixed schedule.

I was involved in design, development and testing of Medical Transcription Software.

Central Management System (Oct.'99-Jan'00)

CMS is developed for the central office of the organization. It interfaces with the various TC's spread across India.
The functionality includes the following features.
 CMS assigns job to various TC's based on certain criteria and manage their functionality from US (Toledo).
 Transfers the dictation file, header file, and job file using the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) technology.
 Data is synchronized between the remote servers using the transactional replication technology.
 Calculates the TC's free time against committed time by job scheduling and sends the job to TC.
 CMS-DB server and all OTC DB servers are remotely connected to one network through WAN for simultaneous update of the database.

My primary role was in making the job flow, setting up and maintaining the replication of master data between the CMS and various TCs and to configure both the local server and the remote server.

Tracker Plus and Tracker (Feb'2000-April'2000)

Tracker Plus and Tracker are subsystems of CMS. Final transcriptions are transferred to Tracker Plus through replication and to Tracker using dial up modem. Tracker Plus and Tracker are installed at different hospitals to provide current status of the job.

The functionality includes the following features
 Accepting dictation data from IDR (Independent Dictation Recorder).
 Copying data to CMS.
 Receiving status of jobs periodically.
 Receiving completed jobs from CMS.
 Providing job status reports for jobs of the client.

My primary role was to make high-level design, detail design, coding, and unit test plans and functional test plans of Tracker Plus.

Logsheet Software (May'2000-June'2000)

Logsheet system is a subsystem of CMS and is basically responsible for generating the reports using the Crystal report (7.0) as reporting tool and applies a necessary conversion to final transcript before sending it to the clients. It converts the word transcript into the required client format (txt format, ASCII format) with the help of word macros.

I was involved in high-level design, detail design, coding, preparing of Crystal reports, preparing functional test plans, and final testing of the products.

I was also involved in implementing and maintenance of TC software at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (client site). My primary role was to maintain and implement replication between the CMS and the client site.

Distribution and File Server (June'2000-Dec 2000)

CMS was a combination of file server, data server and distribution of data to various Tracker plus. A distributor server is needed to get the data and send to various tracker Plus machines at the client sites. The distribution server hosts the schedulers to send the data to various Tracker Plus Client thus reducing the workload on the CMS.
The distributor server hosts the schedulers for multiple clients, which causes the CMS load to be distributed across various distribution servers.

In the Current system there are multiple storage locations of various files this can be avoided by installing a new file server in the system which will server as a single storage location thus reducing the multiple file transfer among various sub systems.

I was involved in Preparing of Setups of File Server and Distribution Server and all the changes required in the current flow of Data from CMS to Tracker plus(via Replication).

I was also involved in the designing the schedulers to send the data to Tracker Plus clients thus reducing the workload on the CMS and also designing the EXE's to perform the client specific changes at the distribution server thus avoiding the customizations on the CMS

Bundled FTP Jan'01 -April 01

In the current scenario FTP Formida Serv -U Server was utilized to copy the files from the CMS to various OTC's and vice versa but it lead to the ineffective use of the current bandwidth because only a single file was being copied in single open session of the FTP. In order to utilize the bandwidth effectively Bundled FTP project was brought into picture. This project uses the Formida Serv U Server to copy the ZIP files instead of a single file(word,header,GSM,template,Routines) from the source to destination in one go thus utilizing the bandwidth.
This project consists of three major modules namely Bundler, Shipper and Unpacker.All the EXE's are implemented in form of window NT sevices running on the user defined timer inteval.
Bundler Module is responsible for designing and creating the ZIP files on the user defined criteria. Shipper Module copies the ZIP files from a given source to destination using the third party softwars Formida Serv -U FTP server. Unpacker Module which is implemented in form ActiveX DLL Unzips the files(Word,Header,GSM) at the destination and copies it to the respective folders to be used by the TC/CMS server and sends the respective Feedback to the bundler. Bundler and Unpacker are implemented in pairs. Any number of Bundler and Unpacker pairs can be installed on a single machine.

My primary role was to design the module, which provides input to the Bundler and Unpacker in form of DAT/TXT files,which was one of the files to be zipped in the package. The DAT files consist of the job records to be shipped for the jobs selected in the package. The various DAT files were created using the Data Transformation Services(DTS) of the MS SQL SERVER. The DTS was implemented in the VB using the DTS COM library. The file format of the output file was user defined. The bundler make calls to the DTS packages to generate the DAT files to be shipped to destination for the list of jobs as per the user defined criteria. The DTS packages designed at the Unpacker offloads the job records in form of DAT file into the destination database and updates the job status respectively Unpacker also make calls to DTS package to generate the control file(.CTR) which contain the list of jobs processed in the current package and also sends the corresponding feedback for the processed pa!
ckage to the corresponding bundler. All the packages are identified by a unique packageID. I was also involved in database designing, coding and preparing test plans for the DTS Module. The VB interface for the DTS module was implemented using the ADO 2.5 data access method.

The Implementation of the current project took place at the client site (Heartland Information Services, Toledo, OHIO (U.S.A). I was assigned for the project for above-mentioned duration of three months.
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