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To seek a challenging position in Software Design and

Experience Profile:
Working at Vista Infotech Pvt .Ltd, IT Consulting Company , Bangalore
from May 2000 till date as Software Engineer

July 1998 - April2000. Indsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.
As Software Engineer

Oct1996-March1998.Vasava Datta Cement Ltd. Sedam (A Part of Birla
Group) as Instrumentation Engineer.


Bachelor of Engineering ( Electronics and Instrumentation)
from P.D.A. College of Engineering.
Gulbarga University Gulbarga
First Class with Distinction (aggregate of 74.62%)
Year of Passing: August 1996

Pre University II First Class (73.33%)

SSLC (10 Th. Standard) First Class(85.66%)

Total Experience: 4 Years

2 Years and 8 Months experience in Software Development
1 Year and 6 Months experience in Instrumentation.

Technical Skills:
Languages : Java, Servlets, JDBC,EJB,JSP, HTML,JavaScript, XML,UML
Visual Basic,C++, C
RDBMS : Oracle , SQLServer,MsAccess
Operating System :Windows95/NT,
Webserver : Weblogic,Java web server
Tools: Rational Rose



Software: Java, Servlets,JSP,JDBC, SQLServer6.5, HTML
Client : Hydrocarbon Inc
Duration: Feb 2001 - under development
Team Size: Five
Role : Coding and Testing

This invites user to submit a proposal for the supply,delivery,
installation,tesing and commissioning of a fully operational
auction portal site. This will cater to the requirement of the
companies in the petrochemical who wish to buy and sell petrochemical

Software: Java, Servlets,JDBC, SQLServer6.5, HTML
Client : IBM Global Service
Duration: June '00 to October '00
Team Size: Five
Role : Coding and Testing
This application provides shopping through internet.It includes three
tier architecture that includes GUI, Business Layer and DataBase Layer.
Servlets are used to communicate between browser and database.
Here user will be presented with basic information necessary to
navigate the entire site from the start page user can search for the
products by keyword.
The site will display information in detail about the products to the
user. The user can send back the information concerning products he or she
wants to order or any enquires regarding the products.Shopping
cart is provided to add the selected items.The database is designed to
hold the information about product details,order details, Order status

Software : Java,Servlets, JDBC, HTML
Client : Skylite Inc.
Duration : January '00 to April '00
Team Size : Seven
Role : Coding and Testing
Description :This is a project done for a US based company named
Skylite which is basically involved in selling of dish antennas.
This project is used to do on-line business related to dish antennas
for Skylite. I am involved in designing and programming a Shopping Cart
using Servlets for its various dish models, channels available.

Software:Java1.2,Servlets, JDBC, HTML
Client : Object Interactive Technologies
Duration: April'99 to Nov '99
Team Size: Nine
Role : Coding and Testing
Description This is a solution for stock trading through thenet. It
supported both internet and intranet. Web applications were developed
using servlets.The middle tire application had three modules
2. OrderProcessor
3. Retail Service provider
OrderCapture used to Capture the Order from the user and insert the
Order into database by generating the unique OrderID.
OrderProcessor used to process the order like internal matching or
sending the order for external exchange for matching. Retail Service
Provider acted as an interface between OrderProcessor and the
External exchanges.

Software: Visual Basic 6.0, SQLServer
Duration:Oct'98 to February '99
Team Size: Six.
Role: Design and Development
This system covers Quality Assessment System, DeliveryManagement,
Production Planning & Stores Management.
Quality Assessment System - This module help in maintaining the records
such as vendor history, inspection standard list, incoming & in-process
items quality check sheet. Main feature of quality assessment system is
that it gives the complete analysis of percentatage of rejections and
vendor grading
Delivery Management - This helps in scheduling the delivery, fix the
transportation and get transport agency cheek sheet.
This monitors the effective communications of delivery plans, Choosing
most cost effective formula for vehicle hiring, Avoiding misuse of
vehicle, Preparation of Bills.
Production Planning - This allows the user to plan production for
monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. It has got routing,
standard time estimation and costing with the existing information.
Stores Management - This keeps track of all the incoming raw materials,
semifinished goods, scrap items, spare parts of machines.

Software: Visual Basic 6.0,SQLServer
Duration:July'98 to October'98
Team size: Five
Role: Design and Development
This system involves Sales, Service, BusinessDevelopment, and Management
Functionality of each department:
Sales - This involves planning, execute and generate orders, follow up,
negotiate, execute order delivery and invoice
Service - This includes the printing cycle which involves prepress,press
and packing procedures.
Business Development - This module caters to all the essentials in
Busiiness development new business policies, planning etc.
Management - This module has got all the information about the
hierarchy in designations of the organisation. It basically has all
information like who reports to whom and the responsibilities of every
individual in the organisation

Personal Profile:
Date of Birth : 22nd July 1974
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Passport No. : B1911394
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