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Vinod Mandloi

InterNational Certification
Sun certified java programer ( 84 %)

Educational Qualification:

Examination College/ School Result

Xth Govt.School Kukshi 76%
XIIth Govt.School Kukshi 80%
B.E.(Mechanical) Govt. Engg. College, 75%
M.E.(ComputerScience) SGSITS, Indore Awaited

Research Paper
Paper Published On "Design Of Ergonomic Chair" In National

"Center For Advance Technology" , Indore ( Branch of Bhabha
Atomic Center ) .

Working Experience
1.5 year

Computing Skills :
1. Operating System : DOS,Unix,Windows98
2. Languages : C , C++,java 2
4. Internet Tools : Servlet, jsp, HTML, DHTML


Project Title : MP State Road Transport Corporation Application & Portal
System (under development )
Client : MPSRTC Bhopal, MP
Technology : java2,JavaServer Pages, Servlets, JDBC,Oracle 8,
Windows NT 4.0, HTML, DHTML, Java Script,
Java Web Server , JSWDK
Team Size : 5
Role : Analyst, Designer
Description : This system has two modules, one is user and the other
is admin. Admin module is for bus traffic management,
which keeps the information about the number of tickets
booked for each bus.
Apart from this the bus
station management has
the control over making changes in the buses ,number of
pre decided buses , rates/tickets etc .
Second module is a web based ticket
reservation & inquiry system where user can book
tickets online for his journey. User has freedom to
choose from the group of unreserved seats.

This system is based on distributed database
system . One database is put on Depo
server ( Windows
NT 4.0) & second is put on bus station server. we are connected this
two database by jdbc odbc type 1 driver .

Project Title : LINKMLM.COM Portal System (under development )
Client : Link Multilevel Marketing ( India ) Private limited
Technology : JavaServer Pages, Servlets, JDBC , Oracle 8,
Windows NT 4.0, HTML, Java Script,
Java Web Server , JSWDK
Team Size : 3
Role : Analyst, Designer and Programmer
Description : This system is based on Business to customer (b2c) concept
where different Link's distributor can interact with
company through Internet . In this system every distributor
has its login identification no . through which he can
login to our web site and interact to company . They can
get information about their point value , Business volume
& their chin information through Internet at any time .
They can update their personal information like their
address , transport company etc .

Project Title : Inventory System
Client : "Center For Advance Technology" , Indore
(Branch of Bhabha Atomic Center )
Technology : Java2 , JDBC, Oracle 7 ,Windows NT 4.0,

Team Size : 2
Role : project leader & Designer
Testing of Programs module and unit testing.
Description : This project computerizes all the Inventory processes
for the work shop like material inventory process ,
machine part inventory process , tool inventory
process etc. This system gives various information like
Economic order quantity, Economic lot size, Effect of
demand on inventory , inventory physical variation(Stock
taking) . This system helps to manage for taking
product information in the store in the form of chart &
graph. It generates all graphs of inventory control, for
that we use swings . This system is fully GUI System .

Project Title : Total Quality Control System
Technology : Java2 , JDBC, swing(java) , Oracle 7 , Windows NT 4.0
Team Size : 2
Role : Designer and Programmer
Description : This project computerizes all the processes of
total quality control management, it considers all
standards of ISO 9000 . It shows all the graphs of
"statistical quality control" like R-chart ,
S-chart. These charts gives information in the
form of GUI .It takes all the dimensions of product and find
out its defects, if defect is found then it gives information
regarding efect in the form of GUI. This system is used for major
product of BHEL like Shaft, Turbine , Transformer. etc.
Description : This project is designed to computerize
all processes to maintain student's record like result ,
fees , projects for mechanical department of GOVT. Engg.
college , Jabalpur .Each student have his login & password
through this he can change his basic information like
address , phone No. etc. He can see his result also .He
can send querry related to his subject to his professor
also . we can use file handling of c++ for storing all
data . This system is used for result , fees , project of students.

Project Title : design a Ergonomics chair
Technology : AutoCAD12, c++
Team Size : 2
Role : Designer and Programmer
Description : This system helps in the design of different
chair model ,demand on users with the help of AutoCAD
& c++. We take different dimensions as input from user
side for designing a chair .This system gives different components of
chair like handle , backside foam etc in the form of GUI component and user
can add this components in his proposed chair. This system consider all
mechanical design concepts & safety features . The system can also take
default values from his side for different common materials like raw
material etc.Through this system designing of chair is
very easy for engineer as well as non technical person .

Personal Information
Date of birth : 8th June 1977.
Sex : Male.
Nationality : Indian.
Languages : Hindi, English
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