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CAREER OBJECTIVE : To work in a web development team with specializations in Advanced Java Technologies especially Enterprise Java Beans .


1992-96: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with 80%, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Technical Skills :

Operating Systems : Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, MS DOS
Language : Java
Databases : MS Access, Oracle 8.0
Internet Technologies : HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, MSFrontpage 2000 ,
JDBC , Servlets,Advanced Java,RMI,CORBA,EJB,JSP
J2EE, JWS2.0 , Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.2b3

About TwoYears of experience in the IT Sector in the area of Analysis,Requirement Specifications, Design and Implementation with expertise on the Application domain in the Internet related technologies. Also have functional experience in the Business development .

Developer-Micromax Informatics P. Ltd., New Delhi (Since June-1999)


# Company Profile:

Micromax Informatics Pvt. Ltd. has been a leading IT solution provider in the global market since 1991. Guided by the mission "Technology must serve Business"- the company is surging ahead and has an impressive growth rate of 170%. Having strategic partnerships with HP, Samsung, Bharti BT, INTEL, Epson, TVS, Canon, Modi Xerox, the company already has a 90 satisfied customer base. The company offers high standard enterprise wide e-solutions, start-up incubation solutions, internet applications and web management.

# Nature of Job:
As part of a team involved in development of functional web sites the job responsibilities entails interacting with clients, understanding their web site requirements, proposing efficient custom solutions and finally development of various software modules their coding, testing, debugging and hosting.



Duration : 03 Months
Team Size : 2
This is an on line Railway reservation facility from Delhi to Mumbai which has web browser at the user interface level, web server and EJB server at the middle two layers and the database at the server layer. The web Server holds a HTML, Java Servlet Page as the Client and the EJB Server will hold the collection of entity beans and session beans. This Project is under Development.

Contribution: Acting as Project Leader and responsible for complete Design , implementation and Hosting.
Environment : Windows NT, JDK 1.2, J2EE application Server, HTML, Enterprise Java Beans,JSP, Oracle 8.0.

2) Project Title : www.rcecdelhionline.com

An Educational Portal regarding java technologies. It features several services such as on line exams, Library facility, notice board, chat, e-magazines and articles , and java forum etc. It is aimed as a single source for all types of solutions pertaining to the java technology.

Duration : 05 months
Client : eResource Center , Delhi
Team Size : 06

Contribution :

> Designing of the database , establish the relationship, keys and indexes between the different tables, establish the referential integrity and validation rules.
> Developed the Login module, Registration module using JSP , Bean and Servlet.
> Helped actively in developing the Chat module based on JSP and Servlet.
> Developed the exam online module using Servlet and JDBC. During exam process total 10 unique questions are fetched randomly from database and are presented on screen one by one and giving the result at the end of exam.
> The whole project was executed using MVC (Model View Control) technique.JSP was used as View for presentation logic, Bean for model and Servlet for Control. The View(JSP) calls Control (Servlet) which in turn uses Model (Beans) to execute the process. In this way the whole approach was very focused.

Environment: Windows NT, JDK 1.2, Jakarta Project TomCat Server, Servlet, Java Beans, JSP, Oracle 8.0 using MVC model.

3) Project Title : PJ220

This project PJ220 is a simple online shopping site through internet. This site incorporates all the features of an online Book
Shop. It is beneficial for the Buyer and Seller in following ways:

Duration : 03 months
Status : under Execution
Team Size : 06

Contribution :

> Designing of the product catalogue, design the database.
> Developing the Shopping Cart module with the features of viewing the catalog, add item to the catalog, remove from catalog
updating the cart clearing the cart and placing the order. All the business logics are being written in Java Beans and the same is embedded in in JSP.
> Developing the module for registering the Customer and generating the customer ID.
>Some other features of this project are feedback form, registration, New Product, Product with Gifts, Sites Special Offer, Not in Stock, Home Delivery Areas etc.
> The Client is being developed in HTML.

Environment : Windows NT, JDK 1.2, Jakarta Project TomCat Server, Java Beans,JSP, Oracle 8.0.

4) Project Title : www.ebikanervala.com

Duration : 04months
Team Size : 4
Client : Bikaner Sweets , New Delhi.

> Designing of Product Catalogue, design the database, establish the relationship, keys and indexes between the different tables, establish the referential integrity and validation rule
> Developing the shopping cart module with the features for viewing catalog, add item to the cart, remove from the cart, updating the cart, clearing the cart and placing the order.In all four servlet were used in the cart.
> Connection pooling module was done with multithreaded database connection pool to be used by the servlet for database conection.
> The Client was developed on HTML and servlet was used to communicate between Client and Server.

Environment :Window NT, IIS, JDK1.2, JDBC,Oracle 8.0



1996-1998 : Served in Instrumentation Limited, Mumbai and Delhi as Engineer (Marketing).
1998-1999 : Served in FISHER Division, FISHER-XOMOX SANMAR LIMITED, New Delhi as Engineer (Sales).

Key Responsibilities:

* Managed Northern India alone for one year.
* Application Engineering: Analysing & assessing customer needs and problems; ensuring sizing & selection of suitable Control Valves, keeping in view the process parameters and Service conditions.
* Sales & marketing of Control valves, Level transmitter to the Northern Indian Market.
* Ensuring proper Documentation of all pre- and post-order correspondence and co-ordination with Plant to ensure timely Deliveries.
* Ensuring adherence to preset targets and monthly reporting to Head Office in Chennai.


* Represented University in Hockey for three consecutive years
* Represented College Cricket Team
* Member of Dastak Theatre Group

Helping poor peoples,improving vocabulary.

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