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Seeking a middle management opening as a "Software
Engineer" in a professionally managed Organisation, by
leveraging existing skills developed.

* Qualified professional with 2 years of hard-core
software development experience with Organisations of
* Possess specific expertise in: VB, ASP, SQL, XML
* Good hands-on knowledge of developing integrated
software programmes.
* Capable of working with large teams, developing good
relationship with personnel from diverse background
and functional areas.
* Thorough understanding & comprehension of business
* Proposing solutions through effective System
Analysis, Design & Development.

M.B.A (Systems) from Kousali Institute of Management
Studies, Karnataka University, Dharawad, Feb 1998.

* Advanced Diploma from Brainware Infotech (Pvt)
Ltd., Malleswaram, Bangalore in VB 5 & Oracle 8 in Feb
* Participation in XML Seminar from Technoport at
Jayanagar, Bangalore in March 2001.

* Software Engineer at Texas Networks Limited,
Bangalore from June 2000 to Till Date (10 Months).

* Programmer at Oasys, Bangalore from March 1999 to
May 2000(15 Months).

Front End Tools : VB 6, Visual InterDev 6
Markup Languages : HTML, XML
Style Sheets : CSS, XSLT
Scripting Engines: JavaScript, VBScript
Internet : ASP 3,
RDBMS : SQL Server 7
Others :ActiveX, COM, DCOM, COM+, MTS, MSMQ

Operating System : Windows 2000/NT, Windows 95/98
(Recent First)

Project Name : Triniti (Medical Transcription
Client : Software Resource House,Bangalore
Duration : 9 Months
Team size : 5 Members
Role : ASP Programmer, Involved in system
study and design, Co-ordinated the activities of other
members in the team
Environment : Windows 2000 , SQL Server 7, IIS,
Visual InterDev
Skills : VB 6, ASP 3, JavaScript, VBScript,
Project Profile:Triniti is a comprehensive and
integrated software that addresses all the needs of
Medical Transcription (MT) Companies in India and
Triniti comprises of four packages namely:
a)Triniti-PRODUCTION -This package provides manual and
automatic distribution of files to the
transcriptionists and to the editors from the server.
It helps in viewing the status of the jobs at any
time, reporting on line-count, accuracy and the
production of transcription (including graphs) etc.
b).Triniti-TRAINING - This package helps to conduct
on-line entrance tests and on-line training for the
new candidates. This also provides vital HRD
information on employees, enables instantaneous access
of information like points, deficiencies, different
growth rates of a candidate etc and generates various
reports. Thus it saves enormously on paper and makes
the unit an Eco-friendly.
c).Triniti-QUALITY - This package helps to conduct
internal and external auditing of MT unit and to house
data on Internet. It helps to generate views and
reports related to the company qualities MT unit
performance and rating reports on the web.
d). Triniti-MARKETING - This package helps to display
production-specific information, information related
to subcontracting of work, franchisee transactions,
integrated performance, differential growth rates etc
of a MT Company on the web.
Features : Modular, Multi block forms, Master
detail blocks, Validation triggers, Generation and
integration of menu modules, Tabular and master

Project Name : STEP (Support to Training and
Employment Program for Women)
Client : Karnataka Milk Federation, Bangalore.
Duration : 8 Months
Team Size : 4 Members
Role : ASP Programmer
Environment : Windows NT, SQL 6.5, Visual Interdev.
Skills : VB 6, ASP 2, JavaScript, VBScript,
Project Profile: Karnataka Milk Federation is an
enterprise of state govt. of Karnataka. This
federation looks after the milk production,
processing, distribution and sales of the milk and its
byproducts in Karnataka State. It also implements
welfare policies of the state govt.
STEP Project consists of five-module viz. BenchMark
Survey, Diary Development System, Training and
Monitoring system, Project Management System and
Project Accounting System.
The project modules help the federation to collect and
store systematically the information of all the
TGMembers (i.e. Target Group Member) based on number
of criteria which will be identified by the STEP
officials for the BenchMark Survey.
The modules also help to collect the incidental
information pertaining to the activities of TGMembers,
Milk transaction details, Payment details, Loan
transaction details, Loan repayment details etc.
Other information relating to the Milk Cooperative
Society like Asset and Furniture provided to the
society, Society's Milk Transaction and its financial
details, Training provided to the Society Staff and
Staff details etc will also collected and stored which
helps the federation in coordinating and implementing
the state govt. policies. This Project also provides
generation of a number reports on the information so
collected on the activity done by the TGMembers and
the Society to the Management at different levels
which helps the Management to take the suitable
decision with the view of approaching the aim of the
Features : Modular, Multi block forms, Master
detail blocks, Validation triggers, Generation and
integration of menu modules, Tabular and master

Project Name : Cargo 2000 (Cargo Management Software)
Client : Schenker India Pvt. Ltd, Bagalore
Duration : 4 Months
Team Size : 5 Members
Role : Visual Basic developer
Environment : Windows NT, SQL Server 6.5
Slills : VB 6
Project Profile: M/s Schenker is a leading
international freight forwarding organization with the
head office located at Germany & is having over 500
branch offices over the globe. This project aims at
finding the solution to various requirements of the
company customers in India and abroad.
Cargo 2000 comprises of seven modules namely:
(i) AirExport (ii) SeaExport (iii) AirImport (iv)
SeaImport (v) Customs Clearance (vi) Sales & (vii)
AirExport package deals with the customers who export
the goods through airlines. This module performs Job
registration, freight calculation, EDI & Generation of
Shipping bills, Invoicing, Pre alert and MIS reports.
SeaExport is similar to AirExport except that the
transportation is through Shipping Line. AirImport
package deals with the customers who import the goods
through airlines. Job registration, delivery order,
Invoicing, Pre alert and the generation of MIS reports
are the main activities performed by this module.
SeaImport is similar to AirImport except that the
transportation is through Shipping Line. Customs
Clearance module looks after the issues related to the
clearance of goods from Customs department. Sales
module addresses the sales activities that are carried
by the sales department of the company. And helps in
planning sale leads, follow-up and contracts etc.
Warehouse module deals with the storage of goods,
store-in, store-out and invoicing etc.
Features : Modular, Multi block forms, Master
detail blocks, Validation triggers, Generation and
integration of menu modules, Tabular and master

Project Name : State Project
Client : Karnataka State-Planning Commission
Duration : 3 Months
Team Size : 4 Members
Role : Visual Basic Developer
Environment : Windows NT, SQL Server 6.5
Skills : VB 6
Project Profile: This project aims at collecting all
the related information at the village levels coming
under Karnataka State. The Information so collected is
used to make accurate plans for individual
The Project consists of four modules namely
Village/Town module, Taluk module, District Module,
State Module.
The State module lists all the Districts in the State
of Karnataka with their Head Quarters,. State Details
like Physical area, major industries Natural Region
and Vegetation, agriculture, crops, Climate and
Temperature etc are available. This module lists the
fundamental details on each district. The district
module lists all the taluks in each district with the
Taluk Head Quarters. It also details Basic information
on The district like District population, major
industries, social grouping, physical & geographical
details. Taluk module lists all the villages in each
taluk/town Coming under its jurisdiction. At village/
Town, all the individual details of each village is
collected by the Village Administration. This
information is the basis for all other modules. So the
State Govt. makes effective use of the Village level
information in generating the plans.
Features : Modular, Multi block forms, Master
detail blocks, Validation triggers, Generation and
integration of menu modules, Tabular and master

Excellent oral & written english communication skills
Excellent presentation Skills
Fair leadership skills
Good interpersonal skills
Work very well under pressure and in an environment
where creativity is encouraged and rewarded
Patience, persistence
Self Motivated, Self starter & result orientated
Good negotiation skills
Can admit my mistakes & learn from them and move on

Updating my professional skills and general knowledge
Participating in Social & Community welfare works for
poors and downtrodden.
Participating in family religious works.

Date of Birth : 20-05-1971
Languages : English, Hindi, Kannad, Marathi

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