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Vijay Samuel.W
Seeking a challenging position involving analysis, design, development and
implementation of Software projects in an Environment, where I can grow
along with the organization.

More than two years of experience in Information Technology specializing
in scientific programming , Database Application developement .
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING Four-year degree course in Cfrom Govt. College of Engineering
Salem, Madras University during 1993 to 1997.

Operating System Windows NT/ 9x, DOS
Languages C , C++,VC++
Internet Technologies JAVA 1.2, Swing ,JDBC, RMI, Servlets,
HTML, ActiveX,IIS, JavaScript
RDBMS Oracle 8
As Programmer/Analyst in Acme Computers at Dindigul from Jun-Dec 1997
for 6 months.
As Software Engineer in Fenner India Ltd, at Chennai from Jan 1998 to Sep 1998
As Research Assistant in I.I.T ,Mumbai(from may 1999 to till date).
Visual Design of Conveyor System
Organization Fennar India Ltd.,
Duration 6 Months
Team Size 1
Technical Information Turbo c++ (ver-3) ,MsDos
This system reduces the design & drafting time . All data's
pertaining to design (Gear, Pulley , Belt , Material Characteristics
Physical properties of metals/structures)are stored in data files , graphs
are converted into data files using interpolation technique .Output of the
program is send to Acad for drafting

Scientific Calculating System
Organization Hindustan Power Plus.,(Birla Group of Company)
Duration 1 Month and 15 days
Team Size 3
Technical Information VC++ , VB , Windows 95
This is for precise calculations with high degree of accuracy
(Used in R&D of Hindustan Power Plus for improvement in design of heavy I.C
Engines).User interface developed by using VB5 and Code is developed in
VC++ , reside in DLL , called by VB routines.
Automatic Program generator
Organization Hindustan Power Plus.,(Birla Group of Company)
Duration 2 Month
Team Size 2
Technical Information VB5 , Windows 95
This Program generates CNC code for various machining processes
having given inputs like type of machining process , dimensions of
workpiece , type of finishing etc.,and output is stored ASCII text files ,
can be fed into CNC machines
Departmental Store Accounting System
Client Aiswarya Departmental store , Dgl.
Duration 4 Month
Team Size 2
Technical Information VB5 ,ms Access Windows 95
This system involves maintaining Customers , Vendors Products
details .All day today transactions like generation of cash bills ,
customer payments , product receipt and updating of stock at the time of
sale .Finally MIS reports are generated with the help of above information
Name : Wilson Vijay Samuel.
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Date of Birth : 22/05/1975
Nationality : INDIAN
Hobby : Playing Chess & Computer games, Programming Games
User Interface Elements
This includes controls like Forms , Edit boxes , Push Buttons (Generalized class
arrangement)in Dos Environment with three dimensional look , can be used Dos based User
friendly application (C++ , MsDos)

Card game(RUMMY) & Memory game(MEMORY SHOOTER)
Each Card will be havin' an structure of 14 elements to hold weightage for
different Situations , and computer will play according to that weightage (VB5)
Design and Analysis of Heat Exchanger
Organization As a part of Final Year B.E Degree Certification
Duration 4 Months
Team Size 6
Technical Information Turbo C , MSDOS
This System involves in designing heat exchanger to an optimum
value with improved heat transfer rate over a lesser area of material with
the help of iterative designing process.
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