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Name : Miss Monika Gupta
Father's Name : Mr. S. P. Gupta
Marital Status : Single Sex : F
Date of Birth : 24/03/76
Ambition : To join an organization where my
organizational abilities , human relation skills,
education & past work will be utilized to the
Educational : Master of Computer Application

Educational Details : I) MCA from Science College, Nagpur
university with 69.4% aggregate marks.
II) Bachelor of science (Electronics) from
Nagpur University in the year 1996 with 63%
aggregate marks.
Specialization : C, C++
Technical Skills
Operating System : Unix, Dos, Windows 98
Languages : Basic, C, C++
DBMS : dBase- III+, Foxpro 2.5
RDBMS : Oracle 8
Familiarity : HTML, ASP, VB SCRIPT, Visual Basic,
Front Page 2000, MS Office, Prolog,
Wordstar, Lotus.

Projects Undertaken
1. Title : Website Development
Client : Institute of Advance Study, Nagpur.
Duration : Aug ' 99 to Dec ' 99
Skill set : HTML, VB Script, ASP
Team Size : 2
Role : Analysis, Design & Implementation.
Scope : To help the students in their
career with internet based solution which
should be updated time to time & is available
any time, anywhere in the world. The Website
provides information about various courses,
funds & scholarships available for students,
various specialized & correspondence courses,
coursesfor women, study in abroad, research &
training centers, Govt. Policies and various
other information.

2. Title : Active-X Control of bilingual text
Client : Academic Project
Duration : March `99 to June `99
Skill set : Visual Basic
Team Size : 1
Role : Analysis, Design & Implementation.
Scope : In organizations interested in
keeping records both in and in Regional
Languages such as Marathi or Hindi. Data need
not be entered English twice, which,
otherwise makes job tedious and time
consuming. Active-X , besides converting data
from English to other language also provides
facility for searching & modifications.

3. Title : C-Parser
Client : Academic Project
Duration : March '98 to June '98
Skill set : C
Team Size : 1
Role : Analysis, Design & Implementation.
Scope :A system software which works on
the similar lines of the Parser in C
compiler. The program mainly concentrates on
finding the number of Keywords, Functions,
Structures, Pointers, Operators, Punctuation
marks, User defined variables and so on.
Seminar Delivered : 1. Disk Internals
On 2. Web-Site Development
Reference : Prof. S. R. Pande
Dept. of Computer Science, Science College,
Congress Nagar, Nagpur.

The above information is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and belief.

Monika S.Gupta
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