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Over 2 years of experience in all aspects of Design and Development of Web Based Applications, Object Oriented Programming and Distributed Applications
Experience in Analysis, Design and Implementation of Client-server and Distributed architecture.
Extensive experience in design and development of object oriented, component software using Java, JDBC, SERVLETS, EJB and XML.
Expertise in Web Development using HTML, JAVA, ASP, VB SCRIPT and JAVA SCRIPT.
Well experienced in J2EE technologies.
Good understanding of design and development of Web Applications.
Excellent communication, analytical, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Operating Systems : Windows NT 4.0, Windows’95, MS-Dos.
Languages : C, Java, PL/SQL.
GUI’s : Visual Basic 6.0, Developer-2000, Visual Interdev6.0.
RDBMS : Oracle7.x / 8.0, MS Access.
Middle Ware : RMI, CORBA, EJB 2.0.
Web Page Designing : HTML, XML, Java Script, VB Script, Java Applets.
Servers &! nbsp; : Java Web Server 2.0, Web Logic 5.1.
Distributed Applications : JDBC, Servlets, Java Beans, JSP, ASP.
Testing Tool : Win Runner.

Master Of Computer Applications (M.C.A), Osmania University, Hyderabad.
Bachelor Of Science in Electronics (B Sc), Osmania University, Hyderabad.
Sun Certified Java Professional 2.0
Microsoft Certified Professional (Visual Basic-5.0).

Presently Working for Sunshine Software Services Hyderabad
Title: Internet Banking
Client: Lakshmi Co-Operative Bank.
From: Nov’ 00 to Till date
Internet Banking system is developed based on the J2EE architecture, which has Windows NT 4.0 server and J2EE application server sitting on top of it at the back-end with Oracle8.0 as the Internet Database. The thin client is developed using the HTML, XML and XSL. The Server side scripting is done in the JSP and Java Beans. The web components access the EJB components. The transaction messages from the JSP are sent in the XML format to the EJB components. The EJB components on receiving the transaction, process the message based on the transaction. The processed message will be either sent to the banking system in the proprietary message format through socket communication channel, or the information would be retrieved from the Database in case of queries.
Involved in Analysis, Design and Development of EJB Compon! ents and Socket Communication. The EJB components are developed based on the requirements and the type of transaction. The query information is basically extracted from the Bank Database server like Balance Inquiry, Financial History etc., whereas the critical transactions involving the database update and inserts are done through the sockets. The business logic is being reused in the latter case. Also, involved in identifying the requirements of the Internet Banking functionality. Used the concept of Connection pooling for getting connectivity to the Application Server and to the Back End Oracle.
Environment: Windows NT 4.0, Oracle8.0, J2EE, Web Logic5.1, XML, XSL, EJB, JSP and HTML

Title: On-line Shopping Mall
Client: RK Jewelers & Co.
From: Jun’ 00 to Sep' 00
On-line shopping mall is developed for a jewelry company to market their products through web. This application allows the customer to view catalog, details of selected products, and place desired products in shopping cart and finally order for them. It also entertains customer’s queries about the products and shipping service etc. From the vender’s side, it allows on-line updating of the product information and provides order information. Vendor can send emails about the new products being introduced to the customers. Besides these, it provides common features like Company profile, policies, FAQ's, search facility and supports guest tour of the application.
Involved in the initial study, design, coding and developing Interfaces for Shopping Mall and HTML layouts. Creating applet to display an interactive GUI giving the client a choice of searching through the databa! se of available Jewelry items. Designing GUI components using AWT. Accessing tables in database using SQL to get results of complex queries. Providing database connectivity to access database using JDBC-ODBC Bridge. Java Servlets were written in order to display the appropriate information to the Browser based on the user’s selection. Client side validation was performed using Java Script. Developing unit/integration test plans. Involved in unit and system testing.
Environment: Windows 95, Oracle7.3, Java, Servlets, JDBC, Java Script and HTML.

Title: EAMCET Online Exam
Client: Acetech Technologies Ltd.
From: Jan’ 00 to May' 00
This website consists of online evaluation and preparation for the EAMCET. This project is resolved into two modules. The administrative module and the user module. The administration module has the interface to incorporate the questions, student ID etc., The user module has the interface to take the examination by entering his ID No and satisfying the examinations terms and conditions which is pertained to the student on-line. This project has the capability to generate random questions from the server and capability to select the specific examination. This exam consists of set of questions so that student has to perform with in the specified time. If the time exceeds, the form automatically exits and after that performance will display. This site consists of set of model papers for EAMCET.
As a programmer analyst, was responsible for designing and developing the ap! plication. Delegating tasks to team members. Analysis of the system after extensive interaction, study and development of various classes coding procedures, Unit and System testing. Designed and developed classes like login, questions, verifying the answers. Developing HTML pages for various forms along with the validations using JavaScript. Developed question module through which questions can randomly generated from the server. Providing results showing their skill sets. Involved in unit and system testing.
Environment: Windows NT, Oracle, Java, JDBC, Servlets and JavaScript.
Title: Online CD Shop
Client: Sunshine Software Services
From: Sep ’99 to Dec ‘99
This project is a web-based application to be accessed by the users to buy CD’s over the web. The central concept of the application is to allow the customers to shop virtually using the Internet and allow customers to buy CD’s of their desire from the store by visualizing the items in the form of images, their prices and a brief Description about them. The information pertaining to the products are stored in server in RDBMS environment. Finally the item purchased by the Customer are listed for confirmation and display the total amount of the items purchased. The server processes the customer request and the items are shipped to the address submitted by them. This project consists of two modules. One is administrative part and other is user interaction part. Finally the details and items selected are sent as an email to the seller and buyer using JavaMailAPI.

As a programmer analyst, was responsible in designing and developing the feature. Developed the user interface using HTML and for applets using components, containers and layout managers. Writing JavaScript to HTML pages. Also involved in testing the system. Developed Java Servlets at server side for handling requests and responses from Web pages. Providing database connectivity to access database using JDBC-ODBC Bridge. Giving information back to the customer mail account regarding items he purchased through JavaMailAPI. Involved in the initial study, design and coding. Involved in unit and system testing.
Environment: Windows NT, Oracle, Java, JDBC, Servlets, HTML and JavaScript.
Title: Media Planning System
Client: Master Mind Ads, Mumbai.
From: Apr’99 to Aug ‘99
This system helps media planner arrive at the cost of placing an Advertisement in various publications. The system consists of two main modules namely: Information and Media Planning. The Information module is a query module that enables users to retrieve information such as advertisement rates, discounts, premias, linkages and other information that will be significant when calculating the cost of an ad in the media-planning module. With the Media Planning module, the advertiser will be able to make his media plan: they will be able to identify the cost of an ad. The actual breakdown of the cost will be available to the user as a separate statement. This statement should have a printing option and an email facility.
Developing master maintenance forms such as Publication, Rates, Discount, Premias, Linkages, Reckoner, and Sets. Certain Masters such as the Reckoner and Linkage! master will have a provision to activate/deactivate certain options. For instance, a particular rule may have to be deactivated for a particular period and activated again for another period. Therefore the DBA may not want to delete the rule, so in this case they will deactivate the rule. Creating Master screens using Applets and the entire logic is kept in the Servlets and the entire data is stored in the database. The user’s request is sent through the Applet to Servlet, the Servlet receives the user’s request, establishes the connection with the database, performs the appropriate action on the database and sends response to the user. The validations are done both at front end and back end level.
Environment: Windows NT, Oracle, Java, JDBC, Servlets, HTML and JavaScript.

Title: Educational Package
Employer: Sunshine Software Services.
Client: Sunshine Software Services
From: Dec98 to Mar99
This package consists of lessons of Math’s, Physics, Chemistry and Biology of different state syllabus. Using Visual Basic with appropriate code, forms have been developed, so that students can visualize various experiments and understand the difficult concepts. It also consists of Examination session containing multiple-choice questions to Asses the performance of a student in each chapter. For every session time is fixed and the student is expected to answer the questions during this time. At the end of the session the score is displayed.
As a programmer analyst, was responsible for designing and developing the package. Developed the user interface and other graphic work using Visual Basic where student can easily understand the concept, which is difficult to explain manually. Preparing coding standards and GUI standards and naming ! conventions. Involved in Unit and system testing of the package.
Environment: Windows 95, Visual Basic5.0, and Adobe Photoshop.
Title: Intranet Website Design for ANURAG
Employer: ANURAG
Client: ANURAG, DRDO (Ministry of Defence)
From: Apr'98 to Aug'98
This project is basically concerned with the design and development of intranet Website for Anurag which enables any person who is attached to local LAN can view and make changes to internal information, which can be personnel information, library information, projects information, current news about the lab etc. this involves interaction with the databases like personnel database, library information system using JDBC and Java Servlets. This system will help the user to easily track any employee of the organization located anywhere and find out their personal details and present status. All the modifications in databases are done according to privileges of the user. The Login Authentication checks for a valid user. The project involved creation of WebPages using HTML and development of java applets to communicate and get the informatio! n from the databases and modify them using JDBC-ODBC Driver.
Designed and developed the Intranet Application used to post and retrieve online personnel or any other information. As a programmer analyst, was responsible for evaluating various architectures such as HTML- Java Servlets and Applet-Java Servlets. Developed the Home Page with front-end view controls using HTML and connecting different web pages, which consisted of all the business logic, using Java. Developing various applets to provide access of the system to the users. JDBC was used to connect to the Oracle database. Extensively used Streams, AWT and Multi Threading. Preparing Coding Standards, GUI standards and naming convention documents. Producing various reports in HTML format to summarize the weekly, monthly and quarterly status. Involved in the initial study, design and coding. Involved in unit and system testing.
Environment: Windows NT, Oracle, Java, JDBC, Servlets, and HTML.
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