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Jatin Patel
Date of Birth: 6/10/73
Seeking a Full Time position
Career Objective
AIMing for a suitable position in Customer Support/Networking/DBA.Seeking a position as SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR / NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR/Systems Manager/ NT Admin/Intranet Development/SQL Server 7.0 DBA / Client Service.Employment with a view to enhance my skills and gain valued experience to keep abreast with changesin the field. Actively participate and perform tasks alotted to me to meet management's goals.

Educational Background
MCSE:Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.(NTSrvr, wks, entr, tcp/ip,sqlsrvr 7.0,netess)
Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications (1yr) (PGDCA) from St. Xavier Board For Computer Education[ XBCE] India .
Graduation:B.Science (Maths) in 1994, from M.G. Science College - Gujarat University.
Graduation:B.Science (Physics) in 1993, from M.G. Science College - Gujarat University.
School:Class 12th from Gujarat Higher Secondary Board
Professional Training / CertificationMICROSOFT ( NIIT LTD, , AHD ) - MS SQL Server 7.0 AdministrationTata Infotech Ltd.,Bombay - SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.0Datapro Ltd.,Baroda - Windows NT Server 4.0Hexaware Infosystem Ltd.,Bombay - Oracle Workgroup Server 7.3 (Installation & Support )Datapro Ltd.,Bombay - Super TCP Suite '96 (Frontier Technology)

Country of Graduation INDIA Computer Skills Working in a team environment with excellent customer service skills.Demonstrating increasing responsibility and technical leadership. Very strong with installation, support and administration of the following:Network Operating Systems and PC EnvironmentsWinNT4.0, WinNT Workstation 4.0, Win98/95, WFW 3.11, Windows 3.1, Novell NetWare 2.2/ 3.11/ 3.12/ 4.1/ 4.11, SCO UNIX Open Server 5.0.X Enterprise - Host / LINUX, MSDOS.Software and Database ApplicationsMS Exchange 5.5,IIS,Proxy Server,SMS,Oracle Server for Workgroup 7.3,ODBC, SQL7.0, Outlook 98,MS Office 97,Reflections,Super TCP,PC-Connect, V-Term, ProComm, Novell Client32 for windows.System AdministrationMultiple Domain model, Single Domain model. Data backups, System backup of mission critical servers. Windows NT and RAS - Administration and implementation.Network and PC/SERVER HardwareSun Sparc Stations, HP 9000, Intel Compatible CPU's, Network Equipment's.Router, switch, manageable/non-manageable hubs, HP and Lexmark network printers, modems,PE5000 earth station for VSAT connectivity, SCSI cartridge tape drives, ZIP drives, SCSI devices,scanners, plotters, printers, (Make: 3COM, D-Link, Bay Networks, CISCO, Multitech, HP, Easy Store, Archive)Assembling and troubleshooting IBM compatible computers and peripherals, COMPAQ Proliant 1500 and 3000, Deskpro, 400, 800.Network infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance.Network Protocols:TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NWLink IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, NetBIOS,SMTP, PPP, PPTP, FTP, RIP,DHCP. X400 and Internet standards of Mailing on CCMail, MS Mail, and ISOPRO clients.ISOPLEX MTA - a UNIX based Message transfer agent, ISOPRO X400lite a LAN based Message transfer agent.

Work Experience

Presently employed Adit Microsys Pvt. Ltd,Ahmedabad - A leading MICROSOFT CERTIFIED SOLUTIONPROVIDER in India.Support and Marketing based organisation having 4 branch offices in India.Dealer and reseller for MICROSOFT,SCO,NOVELL,ORACLE,Computer Asso.,Frontier,SPSS,IBM,LOTUSADOBE,MATLAB. Designation : Product ManagerFrom Oct.1996 to till dateResponsibility : Customer Support [Customer Support System/Call Management System/Customer Support]Networking [ Communication/Intranet Project designing],Training [ Dealer sales team/technical teams/corporate training at client side],Client Development/Demonstration and Presentations/ Direct corporate sales/installation & implementation. Was employed with Aster Network Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad. A leading networking solution provider in India.Dealer & Reseller of CISCO / HP / COMPAQ / SCO / MICROSOFT.Designation : Sr. Customer Support ExecutiveFrom Sep.1995 to Oct. 1996Responsibility:To meet the customers, analyze their needs, recommend, sell, implement, train and support the solution. Was employed with Softrak Technolodgy Exports Ltd,Ahmedabad. Exporter of Customize Application softwares [ FAS,Portfolio Management,Banking Softwares] having overseasoffices at Nerobi & Kuvet.Designation : System ExecutiveFrom Dec. 1994 to Sep. 1995Responsibility: Incharge of hetrogenious LAN which includes [ NT / SCO / NOVELL ] Servers with appx. 150 nodes.Installation of Operating Systems, Application software and Development tools on various platforms.Administration and maintenance of MS mail / CC mail server.Involved in installation, configuring and troubleshooting of new print devices / servers.Extended technical support to user problems in windows environment, application software installation, configured mail and exchange user profiles.Primary support to hardware problems and compatibility issues on PCs, notebooks and servers of different makes. Was employed with Brilliant,Ahmedabad as a Faculty A leading Education & Training Organization.Designation : Network Administrator/Technical Faculty. From Jan 1994 to Dec. 1994. Responsibility:To manage the network, train full time, part time and Corporate candidates on Microsoft Products , Novell and Unix. Projects 1. Enterprise Wide Messaging NetworkThe customer is a finance company with multiple branch offices in INDIA. The number of users in each of the site was uneven. I recommended a two-tier solution, one with 64 Kbps leased lines where there were more number of users and second, ISDN Dial-access solution where there were fewer users requiring mail-only access. We utilisedthe existing infrastructure of the customer in addition to our solution. Normally our solutions combine the best-of-the breed products like Compaq for server range, APC for UPS, Check Point Firewall-1 for Firewall and Cisco for network connectivity devices. I recommended Windows NT 4.0 for their Application Server, Microsoft Exchange 5.5 for their Mail solutions, Proxy Server for caching, Websense for restricting Internet Access, Cisco 2611 with 8 ISDN BRI for remote ISDN Dial-up users. 2.Wide Area Connectivity for Messaging and Internet Access The customer is a Pharma Company. There was three main locations need connectivity for traffic bursty in nature.I recommended Frame Relay Solution for three sites. 2 Mbps Access port per location 128 and 64Kbps CIR. The local telecommunication authority provided the Frame Relay setup. We had provided Microsoft Windows NT Server and Internet Information Server and Cisco devices.3. Multi-site Network AuditingI have conducted network documentation and auditing for this client. The documentation including the network design in Visio, easy to access Software Package designed in Microsoft Access 97, on even minute information including thenetwork points, face plates and patch panel numbering, about the network setup. We also conducted Y2K tests. It was a massive, multiple site setup,Office networks. The need came due the loss of information on their existing setup. 4. Netware Connect Configuration for a VSAT network of 6 sitesNetwork users were required to communicate from their desktop to their counterparts in various sites through a chat mode.Netware Connect has to be installed on the Novell Servers that will be connected to PAD providing connectivity to VSAT.Users will be using front-end communications software (in this case Procommnet), dial to the communication port of Netware Server and getting connected to the Chat node. Even though this was done as a solo project, necessary assistance was taken from the Communication Consultant who was maintaining the Customer's Communication setup.5. Training & developmentTraining and development of End-users was an integral part of my job. I had conducted lot of user awareness training at all levels. I had trained batches of Engineers who appeared for Microsoft Certified Professional.6. Intranet SetupAn Intranet setup consisting of Windows NT 4.0, IIS 3.0 and MS SQL 7.0 database was designed. Since I have the exposure to all the above products linked the same with the database. To avoid paper works and to publish and manage the internal communications, product information and training.
Languages English Hindi Gujarati
Personal Information
Married, Male with 5 years of experience. I reside in India and have passports from the following countries: India.
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