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Date & Place of Birth : 28 october 1960, basrah , Iraq.
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Married
B.C.No : 241216 green cart

Full time job. Programmer/system analyst on mainframe environment
University of iran-tehran-shahid behshty (milly ) univercity
Mathematics& computer Department
B.S (1983-1989)
Mathmatics & computer
Computer Experiences
Hardware Mainframe, IBM-43xx, ES9000 , pc (ibm compatible )
Operating Systems: VM/CMS , MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390, Windows98.
Software programming Languages : Cobol, PL/1, Fortran, Clist,
JCL, vsam
Databases : DB/2, CICS

Work Expriences
1990-1998 Billing Telephone Center ( Mainframe)
Billing System, Salary System in TCT
(telecommunication Company of Tehran ) ( Full time )
Programmer / system analyst (CICS,COBOL,vsam,jcl)
1999-now I.S.C Co.(Informatics Services Corporation ) banking system ( full time )
Programmer / system analyst (DB/2,CICS,COBOL,ims,vsam)
on Mainframe IBM

2000-now Billing Telephone Center ( Mainframe)
Billing system in TCT
( telecommunication Company of Tehran ) ( part time )
Programmer / system analyst (DB/2,CICS,COBOL,vsam,jcl)

My native language is ARABIC & Farsi but I read and write English fluently.

In one sentence
I am a specialist on application Mainframe environment.
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