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P.Dunstan Perera.

Date of Birth : 19th September in 1973.
Citizenship : Sri Lankan
Civil Status : Married.
School Attended : Christ King College
Tudella Ja-Ela.

Educational Qualifications

G.C.E.(Ordinary/L) Exam in 1989
English Language - Distinction
Sinhala Language - Distinction
Commerce - Distinction
Mathematics - Distinction
Science - Distinction
Social Studies - Credit
Religion - Credit
Art - Simple Pass

G.C.E.(Advance/L) Exam in 1992
Accountancy - 'B' grade
Geography - 'B' grade
Commerce - 'B' grade
Economics - 'C' grade

Professional Qualifications
* Completed successfully the Diploma in computer studies
(DICS) at IDM Sri Lanka Ltd.

* Completed successfully a full time course in RPG and CL
programming at EDS Lanka Ltd.

* Participated in AS/400 System Operator workshop
conducted by IBM Sri Lanka Ltd.

* Participated in AS/400 communication workshop
conducted by IBM Sri Lanka Ltd.

* Participated in AS/400 Query Management workshop
conducted by IBM Sri Lanka Ltd.

Relevant Computer Skills
Operations in
v NCR 90300 IP with ITX Operating System
v AS/400 Model F45 with OS/400 V2R3M0
v AS/400 Model 310 with OS/400 V3R1M0
v AS/400 Model 510 with OS/400 V3R6M0 and V3R7M0 (Risk processor )
v AS/400 Model 620 with OS/400 V4R3M0
v AS/400 Model 640
v Hewlett Packard Optical Juke box.
v Fathom Technology backup Unit.

Software in use

v ICAPS system (Interactive computing account processing system)
v ARKANSAS system software for automated teller machines operations
v Kapiti EQUATION software version 2.9 to 3.2 for Banking Operations.
v "CASHIRE" 8.02 D2 Banking front office system.
v Fathom technology software version 4.40 for archiving purpose.

Working experience. Currently I am employed at Seylan Bank
limited.,as a senior AS/400 system supervisor since 1st sep. in 1993 .
Seylan Bank is a leading private banking institute in Sri Lanka which has 90
branches operational and out that 29 branches are linked to the bank's main
computer system .Operations on those linked branches are carried out using
an AS/400 9406 model 640 super mini computer. I joined the bank on 1st
September in 1993 as a system operator and promoted as a senior system
supervisor on 1st July in 1996.Totally 6 years experience in AS/400 system

Followings are the areas of duties that is being covered by me.

v AS/400 system setup and monitoring .

v Maintaining a suitable system storage .

v Operations in Kapiti EQUATION banking software.

v Operations in optical archiving system.

v Creating RPG/400 and CL programs when needed and monitoring their
activities with day end program.

v Creating all the system user profiles and also removing them when needed.

v Decision taking when the operators came across any system disaster , and
helping the system users with their problems on the system as well as
the software.

v Interacting with the software , hardware and communication service
providers when a system failure.

And followings are the duties entrusted to me.
I . AS/400 system controlling
Creating new user profiles as requested by branches to Carry out their
day to day operations.

Periodically review the usage of users and remove
Profiles which have not been used for pre-determined
Period of time.
Monitoring user activities and uncover unauthorized
Use of the system and detect lapses in the security setup
And advise the administrational staff.

Maintaining a good system storage which will help to keep the system
physically in a good condition.

II . Project management and coordination

I have been in charge of successfully completed operation system upgrade
from V3R6M0 to V3R7M0. This task was carried out by IBM Sri Lanka Ltd.
Since the bank has the service agreement with them.

Monitoring and coordinating software upgrade and modifications performed
by the local agents of 'MIDAS KAPITI' from whom the bank bought its
banking software system. I am also involved in testing all the modifications
and maintenance work performed, before applying to the live banking

I was appointed to check the modification performed by 'ARKSYS' inc. from
Arkansas USA. In order to solve the Y2K problem on automated teller

III . Disaster recovery planning and setup.

I am working as a member of a disaster recovery team which comprise 4
members. I am representing the Electronic Data Processing staff and
responsible for planning and setup of an effective system backup procedure
on the disaster recovery machine(AS/400 model 310 ) which is necessary in
case of a disaster.

Decision taking to minimize the damages to the system and delays to the
users at a disaster of the system and handling the staff on the certain
strategy .and interacting with the system communication service providers
and also hardware staff.

IV . Programming and developments

In order to make all the operations and system controlling tasks easy ,I
have created so much programs on the live environment of the banks system
.and all of those were written using RPG/400 and control language (CL) .,
though the bank has the agreement for developments with computer system
limited (CSL) .I got a long time hands on experience in RPG/400 and CL .

And also I have a good hands of skills in creating queries using Query/400
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