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Career Avenues (India) Pvt. Limited (CA) is a professionally managed recruitment consultancy, with 11 years of experience in matching ‘candidate career aspirations’ to corporate work methodologies, ethos and vision of growth. Over a period of time, our placements with leading corporations have earned for us the recognition of being well organized as a leading HR sourcing firm providing quality and focused services. Incorporated on August 15, 1999, Career Avenues has a principled approach to placements that goes way beyond mix and matching available databases to job profile fact sheets. Having our roots in the corporate world has given us valuable insights to gauge the pulse of how top organizations function; and the salient features that combine to earn them high rankings in the ‘most favored employer’ list. Our Director Mr.Mahadevan R is an alumnus of S. P. Jain Institute of Management. Mr. Mahadevan R has worked with companies like Onida, Eureka Forbes and Kodak in Sales and Product Management before branching out on his own.

Career Avenues (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a member of Executive Recruiters Association (ERA) & we have also been awarded a CRISIL SME Rating 2 on 1st October 2008 (Indicating ‘High level of creditworthiness, adjudged in relation to other SMEs’). The endeavor at CA is to move away from the ‘place and forget’ syndrome. Our association with you does not end with a placement – it begins! We are charged with a mission to discover the best-fit solution for you. We are as concerned as you are in matters of finding the right mix of working environment, scope for skills and growth opportunities for suitable candidates. These are carefully estimated and factored in when we match-make candidates to our corporate clients.

As we realize the importance of your time, we insist on meeting each of our candidates to understand them better. A one-to-one meeting is important for us to fill in the blanks that invariably remain in one’s curriculum vitae. It helps us tag your aspiration levels, skill sets and personality traits using ways and means that are part of our ‘candidate discovery module’. Indeed, it is the most important step in our endeavor to seek the right assignments for you. The result: Enormous saving in your time and effort in attending interviews with organizations that do not fit into your scheme of things. CA is retained by its clients to meet their requirements. As such, there is no charge levied on candidates that we may shortlist and ultimately hire in consultation with our clients pay. All we need to collect from you is a detailed hard copy of your resume at the time of your meeting with us.

While we provide niche services to focus industries, our track record of successful placements have been noted and acknowledged across most industry verticals. This has resulted in us having strong relationships with the clients. And in turn, offer you choices of the best positions available with our wide selection of clients. Your resume becomes part of our confidential proprietary data base and is not available to others. When a requirement comes in, we first match the job profile with our list of candidates and short list suitable names. At no point of time do we discuss any candidature with our clients without first getting the approval of candidates. If required, we even invite you for a special briefing with us before we introduce you to the client.

Till a few years ago, all our partners and senior consultants were on your side of the fence. We understand the corporate world, its dynamics, profitability and productivity ratios, mentoring responsibilities, organization structure, growth avenues and employee expectations. The art and craft of team building, enhancing skills, motivation and opportunities for career building are factors we have experienced first hand. We too, have faced the challenges of hiring the best professionals to our teams while operating within the given set of parameters approved by the management. We understand the multitude of issues in the corporate world and are fully equipped to identify high caliber executives that fit to a ‘T’ when it comes to achieving corporate goals.

Having that back-up, the next task becomes simpler. That of psychographic profile mapping of candidates so as to scale them on propensity for growth; leadership qualities; risk-taking ability; team spirit and several other parameters.

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