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Royal Consultants Private Limited was established in the year 1973 to provide professional overseas recruitment services to corporations operating in the Gulf particularly to those requiring large volume manpower at remote sites. Having recruited over 300,000 Indian workers for multi faceted projects in the Middle East, Royal has gained considerable experience in handling recruitment of Indian workers in a highly professional manner. Royal has a large database of candidates for different skill sets required by clients. Over the years Royal has delivered customized quality human resource solutions to diverse industry and service sector based clients. We have our own office in Mumbai and associate offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Punjab. Ministry of Labour, Government of India has recognized Royal Consultants Private Limited as an authorized recruiting/placement agency and have issued licence for recruitment of unlimited number of workers.

William Mascarenhas, founder and present CEO started the company in the year 1973 and over the years he has established a reputation for himself as a professional recruiter.
He is a University Degree holder Majoring in Economics. He has undergone Training as a Direct Search Consultant with Core Careers, one of the leading recruiters of Canada. In addition he has successfully completed a course in Canadian Immigration Law.

Fluency in over 12 languages gives him a competitive edge in dealing with candidates hailing from all over India, which many from our fraternity will envy. William Mascarenhas is assisted by Keith Mascarenhas who has completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Studies, Human Resources and Accounting from University of Windsor, Canada. Maintain database on manpower availability by crafts and skills influenced by geographic and project preferences. Identify and review recruitment sources most suitable to the client. Review local/foreign labour markets and advise client on salary ranges, availabilities and shortages if any. In the event an accepted applicant, not selected by the client, sent to the job site fails to complete his probationary period of 90 days, in a manner satisfactory to the client, and is repatriated to India, we shall replace the applicant at no additional cost to the client. We shall perform our services with that standard of care, skill and diligence normally provided by a professional person in the performance of similar services, in view of the fact that the client will be relying upon the accuracy, competence and completeness of our services.

We take particular care to ensure absolute compliance of our selected candidates. Hence, we give them a thorough orientation about their employers, working conditions, good manners and etiquette, details of cultural nuances, weather conditions etc. This, we believe, would help the candidates to acclimatize themselves to their working condition quickly and facilitate higher productivity.

D'Silva Building,
S.K. Bole Road, Dadar(W),
Mumbai - 400 028, Maharashtra, India.


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