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Many things have changed since Ravikiran Pottery Works began in April 1963, but Ravikiran's principles have remained constant - dedication to thier customers and pledge to provide the highest quality ceramic products. The name Ravikiran has been synonymously with Service, Quality and Reliability.

Ravikiran Pottery is based on tradition but targeting the future. Thier success has been built upon and recognizing the need for change and development as technology moves ahead and adopting an imaginative and practical approach to thier customer's needs. By thier constant efforts towards discovering new and better products while seeking solution to thier customer problems,

Ravikiran has attained success in producing various Ceramic products by processing more than 5000 tonnes of Ceramics annually. They process many different Ceramic compositions like

  • Electrical porcelain
  • Hard porcelain
  • Steatite, Cordierite
  • Vitreous
  • Porous High Alumina Ceramics ranging from 25% to 98% Alumina content, Sillimanite, Zirconia, etc...

Ravikiran has a fleet of Continuous Furnaces for firing our products at a temprature ranging from 1000 to 1600 degree centigrade with no pollution. Thier products are assured to the Physical, Mechanical and Electrical properties required with the help of thier in-process inspection and quality control measures at every stage of production process.

Thier products are :-

  • Electrical Porcelain
  • LT & HT Insulators
  • Engineering Ceramics
  • HRC Round & Square Fuses
  • Special Refractory Shapes for Heat Engg
  • Grinding Media (Steatite - Alumina)
  • De-Burring Media

Registered Office:
7C/8C, Parekh Nagar Industrial Estate, S.V. Road, Kandivli,
Mumbai - 400067, Maharashtra, INDIA.
Telephone: 91-22-2805 0377 / 91-22-2805 5576 Fax: 91-22-28056748


technical ceramics, electrical porcelain, lt & ht insulators, engineering ceramics, hrc Round & square fuses, special refractory shapes, heat engineering, grinding media, steatite, alumina, ceramic components, rectangular fuses, Mumbai, India

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