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Once there were two friends Chagan and Magan. Chagan got married and led a family life. Magan grew up to become a sanyasi (saint). After several years one day Magan visited Chagan's house, and asked Chagan what has he achived in these years and said "see I can open the door without getting up from here." By his tapsya (power) he did so. 
At this Chagan thought for a while and called his son Pappu and told him to close the door and said "see I too can have the door closed without getting up from here Ha Ha Ha". 

A cop caught a person running from the scene of crime. 
Cop: Any thing you say will be held against you. 
Criminal: Sophia Loren 

Guy from Netherland: Our flag symbolises our taxes. We get red when we talk of them, white when we get the our tax bill and blue after we pay them. 
The American friend: It’s the same with us. The difference is that we see the stars too. 

Man and Woman: A man will spend $2 for $1 for something he wants, while a woman will spend $1 for $ 2 for something she doesn’t want 
Tax and Fine: A fine is a tax for doing wrong and a tax is a fine for doing well 
Childhood and middle age: In childhood you make funny faces in the mirror, and in middle age the mirror makes funny faces. 

Q: Why are Indians Power hungry? 
A: Power Cuts 

Tourist: Whose skull is that? 
Guide: Julius Caesar 
Tourist: Whose skull is that small one? 
Guide: Julius Caesar when he was a small boy. 

Teacher: What’s wrong with the sentence "The horse and cow is in the field."? 
Student: Ladies should be mentioned first. 

Q: Why did you throw your mother out of the window? 
A: To see ‘motherland’ 

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