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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

"Have you got those cards that say: To my one and only love?"
"Yes, miss."
"Then I will take a dozen."
Newly-wed man: For the first week I talked and my wife listened. The second week, she talked and I listened...
Friend: And now ?
Man: Now we both talk and our neighbours listen.
Love is blind and marriage is an eye opener!
Do you have a family tree?
No. we don't even have family flower pot!
What happened to the plant in the maths class ?
It developed square roots!
A man was playing in the beach with at least a dozen kids.
"Are they all yours?" a lady passing by asked curiously.
"Of course not," he snapped "I'm a contraceptive salesman and these are all complaints," he added.
Wife: Darling , what is the difference between truth and confidence?
Husband: That you are Pinki's mother is truth and I am confident that she is my daughter.

Travails of a constipated M.P.: "It is difficult to pass any motion either at home or in the House."

When a customer complained about the bread to the baker, he replied: I was making bread before you were born".
May be, said the customer but why sell it now.

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