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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

An old woman had been pouring over the pages of the tele-phone directory "can I help you find the number?" someone offered.
No thanks, the woman replied, I am just searching for a good name for my grandson.
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Astronomer: Stardust
Boxer: Punch
Psychologist: Mad
Architect : Span
Q: Why are fat fellows always good-natured?
A: Because they can't fight and run !
Burglars are like the unemployed...they're always looking for openings.
Chimney sweepers do things which soot them.
Tomorrow is one day that appeals to a lazy man.
People who hate to lose face shouldn't use vanishing cream.
Q: Why was the moth flea sad?
A: Because its children were going to the dogs.
One day a friend of Temel asked:
Temel, Why are these people running?
Temel answered: These are runners. They are running to get the cup.
Who will get the cup?
The first among the runners.
What about the others.
Nothing for them.
Then, why are they running? 

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