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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Q: How do you rate a good ceiling fan?
A: A whirl class performer.
Modern Day Murphy's Law: those who enter by the backdoor may have to go out by the fire exit.
Woman paying bill, to husband: Our financial situation is definitely fluid. We are going straight down the drain.
My husband is so ugly that when he goes to the zoo he has to buy two tickets: One to get in, the other to get out.
Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a goat.
How long have you had this feeling?
Ever since I was a kid.
Their pet topics
Money Shankar lyer: Economics
Bony Kapoor: Orthopaedics
Anupam Care: Hospitality
Sriram Logo: Marketing
Ravine-A Tandon: River valleys
Raj Blubber: Marine Zoology
Chunky Panda: Wild Life
Camel Hasan: Deserts.
A man hurried to a shop and said,
Hurry please give me a mouse trap, I need to catch the train.
The salesman seemed bewildered and said, "Sorry sir, we do not have that big a mouse-trap".
In the court:
One lawyer: You are a fool
The other lawyer: But I'll say you are a damned fool.
Judge: As the learned layers have identified each other please proceed with the case.

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