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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Wife : The maid seems to have stolen two of our new towels.
Husband : which ones?
Wife : The ones we brought back from the hotel in Bombay.
What is the similarity between a weak government and a bikini?
People expect both to fall.
Definitions :
Dentist : Someone who lives by the skin of other's teeth.
Diabetes : Curse of the sweet tooth.
Anaemia : Bloodless revolution.
Mosquito : Something which forever gets under your skin.
A small businessman and his partner closed their office at noon one Saturday and went to the movies.
When they were seated , one of them nudged the other and gasped, "Gosh, Joe, we forget to close the safe!"
What’s the difference? answered the other, "We're both here, ain't we?"
Q : What happens if there is a power failure at a farm?
A : Udder-confusion!
Q : What do they call a burglar proof house?
A : Sure-luck homes!
Q : What do you call a bull sleeping on the ground?
A : Bull-dozer!

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