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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

The family of a old rich lady gathered after her death at the time of reading her will. 
The will read, "Being of sound mind, I spent all my money before I died."
A judge committed a traffic violation, and a young cop caught him. 
The judge: Do you know who I am? 
Cop: No 
Judge told him his name. 
Cop: Are you the famous barrister. 
Judge: Yes 
Cop: Are you the one who became the judge? 
Judge: Yes 
Cop: Are you the one who is presently the attorney general? 
Judge's hope was on the rise : Yes indeed. 
Cop: Well, In that case you cannot plead ignorance of the law, right.
Accused: Your honour, I want to plead guilty. 
Judge: Then why didn't you do so at the beginning of the trial 
Accused: I had thought then that I am innocent, I hadn't heard of so much evidence against me.
Wrestler: I will just kick you. 
Coward: I too have legs. 
Wrestler: So you think you will be able to kick me. 
Coward: No, I will just run away. 
A visitor to a mental found a patient who spoke coherently & intelligently. He asked him what brought him here. 
Patient: Because I like shoes to boots. 
Visitor: So what; many people prefer shoes to boots. I myself prefer shoes. 
Patient: Really? How do you like them fried or boiled.
A absent minded surgeon was washing his hand after the operation. A colleague asked him, "How did the appendectomy go?" Surgeon shrieked "Appendectomy! I thought it was an autopsy." 
Guy 1: Men should marry. 
Guy 2: Why do you say so. 
Guy 1: After all happiness is not the only thing in life.   

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