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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

: Definitions :

Career Girl: One who prefers plots and plans to pots and pans
Neighbour: One who knows more about you than you do
Etc.: A sign used to make others believe that you know more than what you really do
Politician: A person ready to give your life for his country
Doctor: The guy who cures your ills with pills and kills you with bills
Smile: Feminine electromagnetic force which causes instant drop in masculine voltage
Aroma: Whisper heard by nose
Love: A surgery involving heart transplant where the incision is made through the eye without any bloodshed
GOD: Generator, operator and destroyer
Incurable optimist: One who, on seeing a cigarette butt in his wife's bedroom, wonders since when did she start smoking
Middle Age: When a man starts switching off the bedroom lights early, not for romantic reasons but for economic reasons
Marriage: When the man loses his bachelor degree and the women earns her master's
Life: It is like a cigarette which begins with flashes but ends with ashes

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