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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Two salesmen were sent to a remote country in Africa to estimate the demand of shoes
Salesman 1: shot back a letter saying: No demand at all. Nobody wears shoes here.
Salesman 2: shot back a telegram saying: Unlimited potential. Send all production. Nobody wears shoes here.
Guy : Which one of the three, money, hard work or brain is important?
Saint: While riding a tricycle, which is the most important wheel.
Q: A mouse asked a elephant, taking bath to come out of the water.
Reason: Mouse wanted to see whether elephant had worn its shorts.
A mouse was running frantically. Elephant stopped it and asked the reason.
Mouse: The tigress is pregnant 
Elephant: So?
Mouse: The tiger suspects me.
Q: How do you put a elephant in refrigerator in three steps?
Answer: Open the door, put the elephant, close the door.
Q: All animals went to the party hosted by the tiger. One didn't go. Who and Why?
Answer: Elephant, It was in the refrigerator.
Q: What is difficult?
A: To put an elephant in a car.

Q: What is more difficult?
A: To put an pregnant elephant in a car.

Q: What is even more difficult?
A: To make an elephant pregnant in a car

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