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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Display board outside a women's wear shop : A good place to shop for women.
Two girls discussing the handsome new lecturer.
"He dresses so well, said the first.
"Yes, " agreed the second, "And so quickly too!"
Student : I is...Teacher: No, you must say, I am.
Student : All right - I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.
One Mom to another
first Mom : My boy is growing up, he wants to go out with girls.
Second Mom : My boy is past that.
He wants to stay indoors with them.
Boy : If you let me take you out I won't act like others.
Girl : Why? What's wrong with you?
He : I promise you the next time you contradict me, I'm going to kiss you.
She : Oh, no you are not ! 
"Let me count the notes," said the burglar to his companion, after looting a bank.
"Don't bother to count them. The amount will be published in the morning newspaper," said his companion.
Doctor : I regret to say that the cheque you gave me has come back.
Patient : So has my fever.

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