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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Judge : Have you anything to offer the court before the sentence is passed on you?
Prisoner : No sir, I had Rs. 200 but my lawyer took it.
Teacher : How can you say that animals have powerful eyes?
Student : I've never seen them wearing glasses.
Father : Sunil what would you like to be when you grow up?
Sunil : A veterinary doctor
Father : Why, a veterinary doctor?
Sunil : Because an animal can't complain of wrong treatment.
Shyam : Doctor, you remember last summer when you recommended that I go out with girls to get my mind off my business?
Shyam : Can you prescribe something to get my mind back on my business?
Q : What is the difference between a dev and a devi?
A : Kapil Dev and Sri Devi.
Q : which man is famous for drawing cartoons?
A : R.K. Lax-man
Q : Where do you find cherries in ponds?
A : In Pondicherry.
Manoj : I was sending a letter to my girlfriend almost every-day.
Suresh : Then what happened?
Manoj : She fell in love with the postman and got married ! 

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