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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Q : Why did the absent-minded professor go out without wear-ing his pants?
A : Simple! Because he had only a half-length mirror.
One woman to another, "My purse has a compartment which I call the CBI.
because items from other compartments drop into it and disappear."
A beggar stopped a man on the street and said :  "A couple of years ago you used to give me ten rupees each time. Last year you reduced it to five and this year you are giving only one. Why?
The man said, "Then I was a bachelor, last year I got married and this year we have a child.
"What," said the irate beggar, "you are using my money to support your family."
Your daughter has refused to marry me.
Congratulations, my boy. You are the fourth happiest man alive.
Q : Where does Dracula keep his money?
A : In a blood bank
Q : What do ghosts play?
A : Haunt and seek.
Q : What is ghosts favourite drink?
A : Demonade.
Q : What trees do monsters like?
A : Cemetrees

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