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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Girl : Is it okay for me to wear the fur coat in the rain?
Salesman : Have you ever seen a squirrel with an umbrella
Aunt : When do you like the school best?
John : When its closed
Job applicant in the column of previous work experience
"I was a secretary. My job profile was to look like a girl, think like a man, talk like a lady and work like a dog"
Psychiatrist : Do you stir coffee with your right hand?
Patient : Yes
Psychiatrist : Thatís odd. Most people use spoon.
The chief guest gave a moving speech. Everyone moved towards the exit
Yawn : The golden moment for a henpecked husband to open his mouth
Adult Education : Something that will continue as long as children have homework
Modern wife : One who knows her husbands favourite dishes and the restaurants which serve them
Wife : I lost a lot of weight
Husband : But I donít see it.
Wife : Sure you donít. I lost them.
Difference between a sports person and a politician
Sports person plays for the honour of the country and the politician plays with the honour of the country.
Son : Dad, are fathers more clever than sons ?
Father : Yes
Son : Who invented the telescope ?
Father : Galileo
Son : Why didnít his father invent it ?

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