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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

He : Every time you contradict me, I am going to kiss you.
She : No you won’t
Judge : I am going to give your wife US $ 300 a month for alimony and child support.
Husband : Thats very nice of you sir. From time to time, I’ll also try to give something myself.
Define a polling booth
A place where you waste your time to decide who is going to waste your money
Marriage is not a lottery, as in a lottery you have a chance.
Teacher : If you found Rs 10 in one pocket and Rs 20 in another pocket, what would you have ?
Student : Someone else’s trousers.
Barber : Your hair needs cutting badly
Customer : No, it doesn’t. It needs cutting nicely. You cut it badly last time.-
Guy 1 : After talking to you my headache has gone
Guy 2 : It has not gone far. It is in my head
Q : What is the difference between a good girl and a bad girl?
A : A good girl gets up in the morning and says ‘Good morning, Lord’ and the bad girl says ‘Good Lord, Morning’
Mechanic to Customer: You have a big problem. Your battery needs a new car
Q : Why is a women’s mind cleaner than men’s?
A : They change it more often

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