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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Teacher: What can you tell me about nitrates?
Student: They are cheaper than Day rates.
Teacher: An anecdote is a short tale. Make a sentence using the word anecdote.
Student: My dog ran on the road wagging its anecdote.
Why canít you beat Agassi?
Brooke Shields him
Why does a money lender prefer to be alone?
Because he is a loaner
Why is Indian cricket teamís performance nightmarish?
Because itís a dream team
Wife: What is the difference between truth and belief?
Husband: Your pregnancy is a truth but the fact that I am the sole person responsible for it is a belief
Son: Daddy, give me your car. I am old enough to drive.
Father: Yes, but my car is not old enough to be given to you
Guy 1: My father always whistles while he works
Guy 2: He must be a happy man
Guy 1: He is a traffic policeman
A drunk motorist, caught for speeding, explained to the policeman that he was too drunk to drive safely, so he was hurrying home before he caused an accident
Waiter: Would you have an egg on the toast, sir?
Customer: Why, havenít you got any plates?

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