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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

What are the two reasons why men don't mind their own busi-ness?
One, no mind.
Two, no business.
Slimming: Just another word for load shedding
Bigamy: A scheme to buy one and get one free.
Geography: A study of curves, slopes and plains.
Motorist: One who keeps pedestrians in good running condi-tion.
The class had been asked to write a short essay on The pleasures of childhood. One little boy wrote: The pleasures of childhood are great, but nothing compared with the pleas-ures of adultery.
Teacher: Where are the Virgin Islands?
Student: I'm not sure, madam. But they must be a long way from the Isle of Man.
Three honey-bees were buzzing around in little Meenu's room. She rushed to her mother and said, "Mummy! Of the three bees, two are male and one is female."
Mother: How do you know?
Meenu: The two bees which are buzzing around the beer bottle are male; the one that is buzzing on the mirror in female.
Father : Son, who do want to marry?
Son : Your mother.
Father : Why?
Son: Because you married my mother!
A woman murdered her husband. When she was produced before the judge, she pleaded guilty but requested the judge to take note of the fact that it was her first murder and that she was a widow now, with two infant daughters.
Salim: My wife should have been a lawyer.
Shahid : Why
Salim : Every time we have an argument and she feels she is losing, she takes it to a higher court - my mother-in-law.

Some agonies are physical and some are mental
And the one which is both is dental

Q: What makes a bachelor, a smart man?
A: Because he is never Miss-taken.
Q: What type of music did people of the Stone Age like?
A: Rock music.

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