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Gardener: It's hardly a bed of roses.
Convict: Getting in is easier than getting out,
Casanova: It's a hand to skirt existence.
"Last week a grain of sand got into my wife's eye, she had to go to the doctor and it cost me Rs. 150," a man said.
"That's nothing," the other replied. "Last week a cocktail dress got into my wife's eye and it cost me Rs.1500."
Dentist examining patient's tooth:
"This tooth is dead."
"Then pull it out, doctor."
"I can put a crown on it."
"No, I prefer to bury it without any special ceremony."
Judge to defendant: Aren't you ashamed, coming here for the third time?
Defendant: Well, you come every day.
A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one.
"When we are married, I shall share all your sorrows and troubles."
"but I've none."
"I said when we're married."
Why did the man wear a wet shirt?
Because the shirt’s label said: "Wash and wear."
Teacher : Where do we get silk from?
Rohan : From silkworm, sir.
Teacher: Good. And where do we get butter from?
Rohan: From butterflies, sir.

Q: Which city is trying to get rid of its mad people?
A: Madrid.


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