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One of the smallest hill stations in India is Saputara. Saputara means "Abode of Serpents'. Most of the tourists prefer to move about the hill station on foot. You can also visit nearby villages of Malegaon and Jogbari (in the foothills of Saputara), Linga and Gadvi and Bhadarpada and Ambapada (on the Waghai) Road. The hill station is located at a height of 875 meters, making the environment more pleasant with a chilling touch.

Sites At Saputara:

Purna Sanctury : The name is so because the Purna river. It is one of the life line of the sanctury, the other being the Gira river. These have made the deciduous forest a home to many animals and plants most of them are of rare nature and so tourists need permission from the authorities to visit the sanctury.

Vansda National park : It is called Vansda because it was owned by the Maharaja of Vansda. It was a private property but now the government has control over the beautiful park. Though spanning only 24 kms. the park has tigers, leopards, pangolins, rusty-spotted cats, pythons, giant squirrels, fourhorned antelopes etc. Prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, of Gandhinagar or DFO, Ahwa is required before visiting the park.

Sunrise Point : Saputara can be seen the best from here. It is not bound to sunrise only. Incase you are late, and could not get here at the early hours , still you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings at any time of the day. Also this becomes a romantic place as most people are away as they think it is a place only to be seen in the mornings only. The valley across, the melodious sounds of the birds and natural green cover makes the place more romantic. 

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