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India has a varied and rich wildlife. It has the Stripped Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros, Wild Buffalo, Swamp Deer and many other exciting animals. The government, a few environmental activists and organisations have taken efforts to maintain the beautiful sanctuaries, a home for many birds and animals on the verge of extinction.

Most of the sancturies have lakes which makes them picturesque and supports rich acquatic life including fresh water crocodiles and a number of species of fishes and snakes. Water birds like corrnorants, darter, ibis, white breasted water hen, moorhen, jacanas, stilt, river tern, ringed plover, sand piper and herons (grey, and purple) are quite common.

The wildlife population in India includes elephants, Indian bisons, swamp deer, sambhars, hog deer, sloth bears, tigers, leopard cats, jungle cats, hog badgers, capped langurs, hoolock gibbons, pigs, jackals, porcupines, pythons, buffaloes and of course the one horned rhinoceros. Pelican, duck, geese, hornbill, ibis, cormorant, egret, heron, black necked stork, lesser adjutants, ring tailed fishing eagles are also in plenty. During winters a large number of migratory birds are regular visitors.

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