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Wildlife In Madhya Pradesh

Once part of the old Rewa state, Bandhavgarh national park is set amidst the Vindhya ranges with a series of ridges running through it. Initially this park was the royal hunting ground for the rulers of Rewa. At present, the Bandhavgarh Park covers 448 sq km, but initially in 1968 it had an area of 105.4

The density of tiger population is among the highest in India. The tigers once roamed freely here but due to extensive hunting (Maharaja Venkat Raman Singh shot 111 tigers by 1914), their population came down drastically. Numerous steps were taken to conserve the wildlife here without spoiling the natural beauty of the park. Even today, the Bandhavgarh national park has retained its unspoilt look.

One of India's most septacular and exciting parks for both variety and numbers of wildlife and well worth a visit. Originally proposed to protect a unique type of chinkara. It is open forest and lake national park. It is 120 kms. from Gwalior and 95 kms. from Jhansi.

This is the place that has been described by Rudyard Kipling in his great book "The Jungle Book". Picture this: thick sal forests, long bamboos, swaying grasslands and meandering rivers. This is what Kanha is all about. Located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park is a tiger reserve that extends over an area of over 1940 sq km. A horse-shoe shaped valley bounded by the spurs of the Mekal presents an interesting topography. Steep rocky escarpments along the edges offer breathtaking views of the valley.

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