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Wildlife In Assam

This wildlife sanctuary, is situated in the Sonitpur District Extending along the Himalayan foothills it offers magnificent view of both scenic beauty and wildlife, having 175 Sq. Kms. in area . It is the home of Elephant, Indian Bison, Deer and a variety of hill birds. For visiting this sanctuary, tourist/visitor may contact the Divisional Forest Officer, Western Assam wildlife Division, Tezpur. District Sonitpur (Assam) or the Deputy Director, Tourism, Govt. of Assam, Tezpur, Sonitpur dist. Assam.

The most famous place to see the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, hunted almost to extinction for its prize as big game and for the Chinese apothecary trade. The park is dominated by tall (up to six metres) grass lands and swampy areas (jheels). Travelling is best done by elephants, which can be arranged by the park. The first sighting of a rhinoceros is always impressive and awesome, as they can reach a height of over two metres and weigh more than two tonnes. Despite the prehistoric appearance, rhinos are incredible agile and fast. Soptting them in the tall grass may be difficult. Watch for egrets and other birds who use the rhino's armoured back as a perch, and also listen for the 'churring' sound of a large animal moving through the grass. Best viewing may be by the jheels, where they bathe

Being a tiger reserve Manas is famous for tigers. The other exclusive specie is the pygmy hog. The park harbors about 20 species of animals. the range varies from Herbivores to omnivores. The animals include panther, clouded leopard, marbal cat and other variety of cats. Elephant, Rhino, swamp deer, sambar, barking & hog deer, dhole, binturong, otter, bison, buffalo, golden langur, spotted deers are some of the animals who roam the jungles. There are numerous species of feathered beings nest in the park. The reserve also receives many visitors from all over the world who come during the winters and fly back on the onset of summers. Along the river one can spot many water birds like mergansers, brahminy ducks and a range of egrets.

Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Lakhimpur District covers an area of 49 Sq. Kms. It is a sanctuary created exclusively for the Protection of the magnificent, Wild water Buffalo. For details please contact the Chief Conservator of Forest, Wildlife, Zoo- Narengi Road, Guwahati - Assam.


This sanctuary is spread over an area of 60 sq. km. and is situated in the Nagaon District. It harbours wildlife species like the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Wild Buffalo, Swamp Deer, Duck, Cormorant, etc. It is only 15 Kms. from Nagaon Town.

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