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Overa-Aru Biosphere Reserve, Pahalgam

Location 76km. from Srinagar
Attractions Musk Deer,Leopard,Brown Bear
Best Season For bird viewing May-August
For animal viewing September-February
Area 32 sq km.

Overa-Aru Biosphere Reserve located 76 km from Srinagar, near Pahalgam, it has an area of 32 sq km. Several species of birds as well as fauna are found here -- musk deer, brown bear, leopard to name a few. The altitudinal range varies from 3,000 to 5,425 meters above sea level. Prime viewing time for the upper areas is from May to August In the lower areas, for bird viewing the best time is March to May and for animal viewing from September to March. Accommodation in two bedroom huts is available. For passes contact the Regional wildlife Warden, Srinagar.

Note: When in a sanctuary or national park it is important to dress in camouflage colors (khaki, green etc). Do not make undue noise and avoid littering the forest floors with paper, tins and food leftovers. While photographing take due caution not to disturb the birds and animals.

J&K Tourist Offices at:

New Delhi Tel: 345373 Telex: 031-61854 JKT.IN
Bombay Tel: 216249 Telex: 011-3323 APPLE.IN
Ahmedabad Tel: 20473 Telex: 012-656 APPLE IN
Calcutta Tel: 205790 Telex: 021-2458
Hyderabad Tel: 63276  
Jammu Tawi Tel: 48172. 49527 Telex: 0377-228 TSM-IM
Madras Tel: 562355  

The Director of Tourism
J&K Government, Srinagar

  • Tel: 72449, 73648, 77224
  • After Office Hours: 77303, 77305
  • Telex: 0375-207 TSM.IN
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