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Standard Products

Low Temperature Circulating Bath

""NIVTECH" Low Temperature Circulating Baths are provides circulating low temperature coolant/brine solution with the pumping action, pumps can pump up to - 50C, in this pumps only discharge of coolant/ brine can provide and suction by gravity. Coolant flow can be controlled by manual valve. Stirring action also provided in the pump. Digital indicator cum controller with accuracy of 0.5C. Various models are given below.

Model No. Volume (Approx) Size (WxLxD) Temperature Range
NIVTECH - 5LBP0 5 Liters 6"x12x8" Ambient to 0C
NIVTECH - 5LBP30 5 Liters 6"x12"x8" Ambient to (-)30C
NIVTECH - 5LBP50 5 Liters 6"x12"x8" Ambient to(-)50C
NIVTECH - 15LBP0 15 Liters 8"x14"x10" Ambient to 0C
NIVTECH - 15LB30 15 Liters 8"x14"x10" Ambient to(-)30C
NIVTECH - 15LBP50 15 Liters 8"x14"x10" Ambient to(-)50C
NIVTECH - 25LBP0 25 Liters 12"x15"x10" Ambient to 0C
NIVTECH - 25LBP30 25 Liters 12"x15"x10" Ambient to(-)30C
NIVTECH - 25LBP50 25 Liters 12"x15"x10" Ambient to(-)50C


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