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Jokes for You from ChooseIndia

Molly: Are you trying to make a fool of me?
Dolly: Oh No, I donít interfere with nature
Guy 1: Give me a cigarette
Guy 2: I thought you have stopped smoking
Guy 1: I am at the first stage. I have stopped buying.
I could have beenÖ
a farmer - but the idea never cropped up
an author - but it wasnít write for me
a parachutist - but nothing ever opened up
A drunk was brought to court.
Judge: "Mister, You have been brought here for drinking"
Guy: "Great! When do we start".
Teacher: "Which is closer to us Sri Lanka or the moon"?
Student: "The Moon."
Teacher: " Why"
Student: "We can see the moon but not Sri Lanka"
A girl on a visit to a museum asked to the attendant "How old is this dinosaur?"
Attendant: "Three million years and seven months"
Girl: " Thatís amazing. How do you calculate so accurately?"
Attendant: "When I joined here it was three million years old, and I have been here for seven months"
There were two twins - one minister and other a physician. It was difficult to tell them apart.
A man asked one brother, one day "Are you the one who preaches"
He replied: "No, I am the one who practices"
On English Language:
We drive on parkways and park on driveways
Someone plays a recital and someone recites a play
When you send something by car, It is shipment and when you send it by ship it is cargo.

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